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Digitisation services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Accelerate your digital transformation and customer interaction

Digitising and automating your business processes simplifies workflows and makes work easier, smarter and more efficient.

Placing security at the core, Nets helps you accelerate your digital transformation and improve your customer interactions, enabling you to respond to increased competition, new regulation and user expectations.

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We offer a wide range of secure and innovative digital solutions in the areas of identification, signing, distribution and archiving.








Securing digital is key

Nets specialises in delivering secure and stable solutions and platforms. Trust is the key value on which our business is built, with integrity, security and stability being the main drivers.

We help financial institutions, the public sector and private companies to digitise workflows and business processes. Our deep-rooted experience in the industry has led to our position as a trusted provider of critical infrastructure. Taking your needs in consideration we can connect you to a long range of international eID's through our services. 

You can also take advantage of our strong implementation and development capacity and know-how. Contact us and let us guide you in how to accelerate your digital transformation and customer interactions.

   Stay updated on how to accelerate your digital transformation and customer interaction.

Know who your customer is

Identify your customers online to verify and ensure their identity. Digital identification can be crucial when customers are onboarding or given access to systems and personal data.

Nets offers trusted digital identities, e.g. BankID, NemID and MitID. Choose a specific digital identity or our flexible identification broker service.


Secure, easy and fast digital onboarding

Let your employees, customers and suppliers sign documents online with digital identities. It is secure, fast and convenient – and legally binding.

E-Signing Portal

E-Signing Portal is an online signing service where you and your partners can upload documents and distribute them for digital signing. The documents can be signed by anyone who holds a digital identity. The portal is a freestanding and easy-to-start online service that works parallel with your existing business systems.

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E-Signing Web Services

E-Signing Web Services provide a powerful, generic and high availability process engine designed to handle digital signing needs in any online business process. This cloud-based service eases the integration of document signing and handles all the cryptographic challenges that accompany digital document signing.

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​ID-Rights provides you with official signature and procuration rights for all companies based on updated information from public registers. We provide the necessary information in a structured way for a fully automated business processes.

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Store, share and manage business files and personal data

Run your business more efficiently and secure with a digital archive. All your documents and personal data are stored online and in one place, enabling you to share documents with your colleagues from any Internet-connected PC across locations and countries.

E-Archive is your company's own electronic archive with unlimited document storage space. It gives you full control of your agreements and other documents.

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Finn Jeppesen

Partner and Sales Manager Nordics
M: +45 29 48 74 34

Jonas Saleem

Key Account Manager, Nordics
M: +45 29 48 47 50

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