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​Know who your customer is

Identify your customers online to verify and ensure their identity. Digital identification can be crucial when customers are onboarding or given access to systems and personal data.

Nets offers trusted digital identities , e.g. BankID , NemID and MitID. Choose a specific digital identity or our flexible identification broker service,.


​Strong customer authentication with digital identities

Online identification strengthens your business

Know your customer

​You have the assurance that your customers are who they say they are.

Broad reach

​You can reach all citizens through one supplier.

Reduce cost

​You can reduce maintenance and your operational and compliance costs.

Increase loyalty

​You establish and maintain good customer relations.


Full coverage

This flexible identification broker service covers a long range of eIDs. It  makes it easy to identify and verify your customers and partners, and safe for them to use your online services.

E-Ident makes use of trusted digital identities such as NemID, MitID, BankID Norway), BankID (Sweden) and Finnish Trust Network (FTN) and many more.

It can be fully integrated into your existing services using industry standard interfaces. You will no longer need to operate and maintain your own systems for user names and passwords.

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​Authentication and Consent Service

A powerful PSD2 compliance service

Nets’ Authentication and Consent Service (ACS) handles strong customer authentication (SCA) and signing of consents as required for compliance with PSD2. The result is a signed token that conforms to best practice and authentication standards.

The service supports established digital identification services approved by banks. ACS features functionality to cover one-time and recurring consents as well as management of consents, and is white labelled for the best possible user experience.

​Digital identities

BankID (Norway)

Used by more than 4 million Norwegians, BankID has become a household brand and a highly trusted digital identification service for Norwegian citizens.

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NemID (Denmark)

​Offer your Danish users and customers a secure way to log on to your website. NemID gives you an attractive, user-friendly solution that the Danish citizens already use.

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BankID (Sweden)

BankID in Sweden is used by almost 8 million Swedes and is a highly trusted digital identification service for the Swedish citizens.

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Finnish Trust Network

​Finnish Trust Network is an identity supporting the entire Finn​​ish population. It is a combination of identity services Bank IDs and Mobiilivarmenne. ​​ ​

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Partner and Sales Manager Nordics
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Key Account Manager, Nordics
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​​Account Director
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