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ID Verifier

​​​​​​​​​​​eIDAS compliant identity proofing 

Instead of driving customers to physical branches, Nets ID Verifier helps you achieve a fully digital, secure and frictionless onboarding experience.

According to eIDAS Art. 24.1 sub d, ID Verifier provides equivalent assurance in terms of reliability to physical presence using a passport.

Identify your customers with just a mobile device and passport.​​​

ID Verifier scans and reads over 150+ ICAO compliant machine-readable identity (ID) documents (passports, driving licenses, and residence cards) with an NFC enabled mobile phone; ensures that the person carrying out the process is the rightful owner of the document using biometrics; ensures that the information is transmitted in a secure manner. The attributes collected uniquely identify the applicant as a natural person in the identity proofing context.

​Identify an​yone –
everywhere in the world

Authentication and signing from mobile phones

Nets branded app or SDK

Multiple security levels

Compliance with the highest standards

How it works

Your customers identify themselves using a mobile device, a passport and their own face. Nets Passport Reader app guides the user through the process, with step by step instructions. 

The app is compatible with both Android an iOS, it supports multi-languages and it can either be a Nets branded app or SDK (whitelabel) for flexible customisation. 

ID Verifier qualifies for eIDAS compliant identity proofing and is certified by a Conformity Assessment Body, BSI (The British Standard Institution). 

View certificate here

View Trust Service Practice Statem​ent (TSPS) here

It fits for multiple use-cases cross verticals, including KYC (Know Your Customer) identity verification, re-authentication of existing customers under AML (Anti Money Laundering. 

  • When used for identity proofing our service can be configured with the highest level of assurance, so called eIDAS High. 
  • When used for digital signing, our service supports both Advanced Electronic Signature (AdEs) and now Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) with qualified certificate (qCert) for legally binding signatures across Europe.


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Reduced maintenance, operational and compliance costs

Nets ID Verifier is hosted and managed in our Nets infrastructure, and can be used in combination with E-Ident and/or E-Signing.

As an example, E-Ident provides your customers with an activation code or QR code to download the Passport Reader app and to safely inititate an authentication session.

Only personal data needed to fulfil the purpose is collected. We process personal data with care and handle all the compliance complexity related to mobile device data transport, processing, storage, transfer, access and control.




Finn Jeppesen

Partner and Sales Manager Nordics
M: +45 29 48 74 34

Jonas Saleem

Key Account Manager, Nordics
M: +45 29 48 47 50

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