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BankID (Sweden)

​​​Used by almost 8 million Swedes, BankID has become a household brand and a highly trusted digital identification service for Swedish citizens.

With access to Swedish BankID from Nets, you can authenticate any person online, carry out secure transactions, establish and maintain good customer relations, and enter into and sign legally binding agreements.

Add BankID to your online business or service quickly and easily with Nets.


​Sweden's preferred digital identity and signature service

BankID is based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and qualified certificates.

Login for online banks and insurance companies

​Securing online payment solutions

Signing and authentication from mobile phones

Login for member organisations

Giving the Swedish population access to your service or business is easy

The implementation process from A to Z:

  • Get your subscription agreement with Nets.

  • Nets provides a link to an online form requesting your company information.

  • Nets applies for a BankID certificate from Nordea (partner).

  • Within a few days, your certificate is issued.


You can choose to integrate the BankID API yourself, but most customers choose to take advantage of Nets’ signing and identification services. These services will unveil the full potential of BankID for your online processes.  

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​Get a broader coverage

Do you need customers or contacts in other countries to be able identify themselves? By using Nets’ E-Ident and E-Signing services, smooth identification integration is also secured from countries such as Norway, Denmark and Finland, etc.


Finn Jeppesen

Partner and Sales Manager Nordics
M: +45 29 48 74 34

Jonas Saleem

Key Account Manager, Nordics
M: +45 29 48 47 50

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