Authentication and Consent Service

Nets’ Authentication and Consent Service (ACS) handles strong customer authentication (SCA) and signing of consents as required for compliance with PSD2. The result is a signed token that conforms to best practice and authentication standards.

The service supports established digital identification services approved by banks. ACS features functionality to cover one-time and recurring consents, as well as management of consents. It is also white labelled for the best possible user experience.

​A powerful PSD2 compliance service

White label service

Handles single and recurrent consents

Industry standard protocols

Supports all major Nordic identity services

​How it works

Nets’ Authentication and Consent Service (ACS) is an online managed service (SaaS) that utilises strong authentication featured in existing online authentication services provided by banks (AS-PSP).

It packages a payment initiation or account information consent from the end user into a standardised and approved token format. The token contains all necessary information to obtain integrity control and non-repudiation of the consent-securing requirement for Dynamic Linking.

​Typical usage

Bank as AS-PSP

​ACS is a natural choice for banks that need to expose SCA compliant APIs to allow other banks and third parties to access customer accounts.

Third Party Provider

ACS supports many banks and resolves the need for implementing and maintaining multiple bank interfaces/APIs.

Connectivity platform

ACS is well suited to support SCA and consent signing in third party services.

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​Nets’ PSD2 programme and services

Nets offers value added services designed for both TPPs and AS-PSPs for PSD2 compliance. Nets’ Access to Account Service (NAAS) handles PSD2 compliance, management of payment initiation and Account information. ACS is used as an integrated part of NAAS.


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