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​​With access to MitID from Nets, you will be able to authenticate any person online, carry out secure transactions, establish and maintain good customer relations, as well as signing legally binding agreements.

Add MitID to your online business or service quickly and easily with Nets.​


A new eID​​ solution replacing NemID

MitID is the new eID for the Danish population and is expected to be launched by Digitaliseringsstyrelsen in Denmark in the autumn 2021. Nets Trust Services will support MitID as soon as it is available.​

MitID will replace NemID, and all users of NemID private and NemID enterprise signature must migrate to the new electronic identity solution. All private NemID users shall be migrated to MitID by during 2022. Until then, all service providers should support both NemID and MitID.​

​Two ways of integrating to MitID at Nets

In order to support MitID on your website you have to connect with a broker certified by Digitaliseringsstyrelsen. Ways of integrating to MitID at Nets:

​The Nets eID Broker for MitID

The Nets eID Broker by Signaturgruppen offers integration to MitID and will support you with the full use and functionality for identification and NemLog-in3.

Link to Signaturgruppen​

​Using Nets Trust Services

Integration through the E-Ident and E-Signing services from Nets Trust Services gives you the advantage of using multiple European eID’s. At the same time it gives you access to all other services offered by Trust Services like E-Archive and ID-Rights. The E-Ident service uses the Nets eID Broker by Signaturgruppen.


Benefits by using Nets Trust Services for MitID

Using the E-Ident and E-Signing service's infrastructure for MitID will give you a number of advantages, such as:


  • International coverage and access to a large number of Nordic and European eID's as well as Nets Passport Reader

  • Smooth identification integration

  • Advanced signing facilities e.g. multi-signing

  • Access to corporate signing rights

  • Access to NemLog-in3 (also for private companies)

  • Integrated archiving solution




MitID offers secure customer authentication, so you know who is accessing your website.




With MitID your customers can sign agreements online. MitID is a legally valid digital signature.

International coverage

Do you need customers or contacts in other Nordic countries to ​be able to identify themselves? By using E-Ident og E-Signing services smooth identification is also secured from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and other European countries​.

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What is MitID?

MitID is the new Danish eID from Digitaliseringstyrelsen in partnership with Danish financial institutions. MitID will replace NemID from the autumn 2021. NemID will be phased during 2022.

Read more about MitID.

What is NemLog-in3?

NemLog-in3 is the MitID broker used for public services and it issues employee identities. It is also the interface for MitID signing features.

Read more about NemLog-in3.

What is NSIS?

NSIS (National Standard for Identiteters Sikringsniveau) is a standard for handling of security levels for identities when logging on to MitID. Three security levels are defined:

  • Low
  • Substantial
  • High

You as a service provider must decide which security level that is adequate for the private users when accessing your digital self-service solution.

Read more about NSIS. 

What is a MitID Broker?

For service providers to access the MitID service, Digitaliseringsstyrelsen has decided to certify private companies to handle the role as broker for the MitID services. Signaturgruppen by Nets has already been certified as a MitID Broker.

What is the expected timeline?

MitID will go live in the beginning of October with private MitID authentications. MitID signing will go live later in the automn and the issuance of MitID employee identities will go live in the Spring 2022. 

There has not yet been set an end date for NemID users migrating to MitID.  

What do I have to do as an existing NemID service provider through E-Ident and E-Signing?

Nets will send out information to all NemID customers when the customer test environment has been enabled with MitID. Your test configuration will be enabled with MitID.

For identification, you might need to do updates related to GUI changes and the user information returned. See E-Ident developer pages for more information.

For signing, you might need to do updates related to GUI changes and updates of the sign order. There might be changes to the signature format, but as far as we know it will still be possible to use SDO. The PDF validation of documents is almost the same for MitID as NemID. More information will be added to the E-Signing developer pages when we know more.

What is the MitID identification tools?

MitID identification tools are different methods used for MitID identification. The tools are:

  • Username / password
  • MitID app
  • MitID code viewer
  • MitID chip
  • MitID code reader



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Partner and Sales Manager Nordics
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Key Account Manager, Nordics
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