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E-Signing Portal

​​E-Signing Portal is an online signing service where you and your partners can upload documents and distribute them for digital signing. The documents can be signed by anyone who holds a digital identity in the Nordics, and no user login is required.

The portal is a freestanding and easy-to-start online service that works in parallel with your existing business systems. The service is well suited to ad hoc processes, and features advanced access control features suitable for partner sales.


Online document signing made easy

E-Signing Portal helps you deal with the most complex agreements involving multiple signatures. You will always have full control and documentation of the entire process.


Automatic e-Archiving

Notification templates


No signee registration

Broad coverage

Multiple security levels

Profiled access control

The portal is open 24-7

A complete ready-to-play signing portal

The E-Signing Portal lets you log in, upload documents, enter the e-mail addresses of the recipients and send the requests. You are provided with an overview of all orders, sorted into folders based on status. The portal also lets you validate and view the signed documents.

If you subscribe to Nets E-Archive, E-Signing Portal will automatically archive all the signed documents for long term storage. They can easily be retrieved from the archive portal or integrated into your business systems.

Advanced features such as layered access control and e-mail templates are included.

A simple user interface

The uniform and intuitive user interface secures trouble-free document handling. Automatic multi language support will further increase the usability, and the built-in personalisation reduces risk for multi company users. 

​Supported identity services

Get started with E-Signing Portal  

Typical usage areas

E-Signing Portal is perfect for low-volume companies.

Agent sales setup

​The advanced access management available in E-Signing Portal gives you insight in all documents, and at the same time limits your agents access to only their own documents.

Inter company setup

​Let the E-Signing Portal cover signing needs for all departments in your company. Secure GDPR and integrity requirements by isolating Sales, HR and IT related documents.

Ad hoc document signing

​E-Signing Portal is designed for low-volume and ad hoc signing processes. Any PDF document can be signed via the E-Signing Portal, reducing processing time and securing traceabilty.

Remote sales processes

​The perfect tool for document processes in the field. As E-Signing Portal is fully functional on any device the roaming capabilities are superb.

E-Signing Portal gives you the highest level of trust

Nets E-Signing utilises the built-in trust features already available from the supported identity services, thus securing full traceability, non-repudiation and integrity control of the signed documents. The signed documents are available in XAdES and PAdES formats. You can choose to archive locally or with Nets’ secure E-Archive. These formats also secure long time validation capabilities. This is made possible by use of PKI-based Digital Document Signing (Advanced Electronic Signature) features.


Finn Jeppesen

Partner and Sales Manager Nordics
M: +45 29 48 74 34

Jonas Saleem

Key Account Manager, Nordics
M: +45 29 48 47 50

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