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Digital signing for secure, easy and fast onboarding

A successful digital customer process means that the parties enter into a formal and legally binding agreement that requires personal approval, i.e. signing. With digital signing from Nets, your employees, customers and suppliers can sign contracts, loans and other binding documents online using their digital identity, e.g. BankID or NemID.

Nets offers various digital signing services adapted to the needs of your business.


​Sign with digital identities

​Smarter business with digital signing

Digitising your business processes makes signing easier, smarter and more efficient.

Save time

​Automating previously manual processes saves you and your customers time.

Reduce cost

​Digital processes for signing reduce cost and customer churn.

Better customer experience

​Give your customers a better experience with online self-service.

Increased control

Digital signing secures traceability.

​Is a digital signature legally binding?

A digital signature is as binding as a signature written with pen and ink when given by the holder of the digital signature. When the document is signed, it contains information about who signed the document, when the signature was added, and confirms that the signature was valid when the document was signed. It can later be verified that the document has not been modified after it was signed.

​E-Signing Portal

A complete ready-to-play signing portal

E-Signing Portal is an online signing service where you and your partners can upload documents and distribute them for digital signing.

The documents can be signed by anyone who holds a digital identity in the Nordics, and no user login is required. The portal is a freestanding and easy-to-start online service that works in parallel with your existing business systems.

The service is well suited to ad hoc processes, and has advanced access control features suitable for partner sales.

​E-Signing Web Services

A signing engine for any online business process

Nets’ E-Signing Web Services provide a powerful, generic and high availability process engine designed to handle digital signing needs in any online business process. This cloud-based service eases the integration of document signing and handles all the cryptographic challenges that accompany digital document signing.

By utilising digital signing features in identity services such as NemID, MitID, BankID NO, BankID SE and Finnish Trust Network, your customers can sign contracts, loans and other legally binding documents directly online wherever they are, on any device.


The signatory’s right to enter legally binding agreements should be verified

ID-Rights provides you with official signature and procuration rights for all companies based on updated information from public registers, so you can be certain you are entering into agreements with individuals who are authorised to sign on behalf of their company. This reduces the risk of fraud in your company.

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​Other solutions with digital signing

Nets Share

​Nets Share is a flexible and secure distribution platform for sending documents and information to customers, citizens, employees and suppliers. Nets Share is a standard solution for distribution to e-Boks, e-mail and mail/print.

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Nets Share HR

​Digital processes can make HR departments more efficient and provide control and overview of documents and contracts. Nets Share HR offers efficient and secure handling of HR documents, personal data and signings. In a single workflow, documents can be distributed, signed and archived.

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Partner and Sales Manager Nordics
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​​Account Director
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