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Automate your business processes

ID-Rights provides you with official signature and procuration rights for all companies based on updated information from public registers. We provide the necessary information in a structured way for a fully automated business processes.

​Used by responsible companies in the Nordics

ID-Rights is used for fully automated self-service corporate processes.

​A fully digitised and easy B2B process

Broad coverage

Audit trail

Daily updated company information

Pre- and post process functions

Web services or online portal

Signed company certificates

Bundled with E-Signing

How it works

ID-Rights is provided to you as a set of Web Services. Responses to the wide variety of functions are structured data designed for automating your business processes.

ID-Rights harvests and refines data from public registers daily. ID-Rights is always updated with official (legally binding) company information including SSN and organisation numbers for efficient pre- and post processing.

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​Typical areas of use

Fully automated B2B customer onboarding

​ID-Rights provides you with structured company data for a frictionless onboarding process. 

Securing high risk document signing

Real time information from public sources is securing correct company signatures on any document removing risk in valuable transactions.

Pre-populated applications/forms

​Make your B2B processes frictionless by prepopulating forms and applications with company and signature data from ID-Rights.

Know your customer processes

​Since ID-Rights are based upon official datasources, the service is well suited for fully online know your customer processes.


Accelerate your digital transformation

Our highly skilled consultants can help you choose the best way to automate your business processes and increase digitisation in your organisation.
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