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Offer your Danish users and customers a secure way to log in to your website.

NemID gives you a very attractive, user-friendly solution that customers are conversant with and accustomed to. The majority of the Danish population aged 15 or older already use NemID for online banking and on public and private websites. 

NemID is a secure solution. Two independent authentication factors are made use of when a user uses a NemID password and the NemID code app together.


Use NemID for authentication, validation and signing


​NemID offers secure customer authentication, so you know who is assessing your website.


​Offer customers NemID validation on your
website. Thereby you are sure that no one else than the customer can access his/her personal data.


​With NemID your customers can sign agreements online. NemID is a legally valid
digital signature.


Secure identification and validation of your users

A secure, stable login and signing solution

NemID is for both private users and employees in Danish companies

Code app for private NemID users

​Become a NemID Service Provider

To become a NemID Service Provider you must enter into a NemID Service Provider Agreement.

Order NemID Service Provider for companies with a Danish company registration number (CVR number).

Please note that the order form is only available in Danish.

​Need help?

The NemID Service Provider Package contains the necessary documentation and codes in order for you to implement and test NemID on your site, both in regards to NemID for private users and NemID for employees.

​Nordic coverage

Do you need customers or contacts in other Nordic countries to be able identify themselves? By using E-Ident and E-Signing services, smooth identification integration is also secured from Sweden, Denmark and Finland.


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