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Digital Identity Verification and Authentication


Establish digital identity, quickly, safely and securely.

Trust is essential in our increasingly digital lives. Users need to trust that the digital service they are using is secure, easy to use, and will protect their privacy.

Providers of digital services need to quickly establish that users are who they claim to be, and that they are authorised to initiate an action, such as logging in to a digital service, making a payment, or completing a loan application.

Digital Identity Verification and Authentication is essential for onboarding users and providing them with safe, secure, and convenient experiences every time.

Mitigate fraud and AML risk, accelerate KYC processes, and comply with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and privacy regulations with Digital Identity Verification and Authentication from Nets.


​Why use digital identity verification and authentication?

Secure access to digital services poses challenges to governments, as well as private and public organisations: without the individual appearing in person, how can you be sure of their identity?
Before you can provide services, you must perform critical digital identity functions:  

  • ​Identification – Establishing who the user is
  • Verification – Confirming the user is who they claim to be
  • Authentication – Validating that the user is approved to perform a specific action
  • Authorisation – Verifying that the user is allowed to perform an action on behalf of another individual or company​​


Digital Identity: Establish, confirm, validate & verify

​Why Nets for Digital Identification, verification, authentication & authorisation?

  • Verify and authenticate digital identities quickly and securely
  • Automate API processes to reduce manual burden and errors
  • Guarantee two-factor authentication
  • Choose from three differe​nt levels of assurance
  • Scalable and customisable to your unique needs
  • 3rd generation solutions based on 20+ years of experience across countries and industries, including Danish national eID (MitID) and for Norway’s public and private health services
  • An existing portfolio of 300+ customers operating cross-country and cross-verticals

​A service built specifically for digital identity management:

  • BSI-certified solutions compliant to ETSI and eIDAS requirements
  • High Level of Assurance (LOA) ready for eIDAS 2.0
  • Comply with PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), and GDPR
  • Configure your own digital identity or use consolidated National eIDs via Nets’ ID broker service
  • Compatible with over 150+ ICAO-compliant machine-readable identity (ID) documents
  • Digital Passports can be authenticated via NFC
  • Compatible with Android and iOS​

Build trust into your digita​​l offer

Tap into the safety, security, and stability of a proven identity verification and authentication provider. Set up a meeting with one of our experts to find out how our solution can support trusted digital services for your organisation.

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Know your customer and comply with Strong Customer Authentication​

​How do you balance compliance on one hand and world-class digital experiences to your users on the other? Traditionally, identity proofing and verification comes with visits to branch offices. It’s time consuming, costly, and limited to office hours.​

Nets offers an identity broker service which allows you to securely identify your users with consolidated digital identities by using trusted national eIDs (such as e.g., BankID Norway, BankID Sweden, FTN Finland. etc.)  and offering out-of-the-box country specific compliance for your KYC and AML processes.

Through the same point of integration, you can also choose to use our fully digital Nets ID Verifier, which is an electronic identity verification (eIDV) solution meant to give you cross-country reach and comply with the highest standards.​

Read more about the ID Verifier and how to use passports to onboard new customers:

Features & Benefits with Nets E-Ident

  • Multi-factor authentication such as password, authentication app or one-time password (OTP).

  • Inclusivity, offering the use of tokens to users with disabilities or impairments, or who are technologically challenged, so everyone can prove their identity online.

  • Delivers a higher level of security with multiple authenticators.

  • Flexible, modular architecture and Software Development Kits so local authenticators can be easily integrated or removed.
  • Adaptable authentication flows to maintain security in line with the risk associated with each action.

  • White labelled to accommodate the design, branding, and language need of your business. 

  • Option to work with Nets to develop a tailored app for access the solution.

  • Accelerate the green shift and lower your carbon footprint. ​