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Secure transmission, signing and safe storage of contracts and personal data. The advantages of a digital HR solution are clear to Nets’ HR department, which has also found that internal working procedures have been more flexible – even across national borders.

Initially, it was the desire to increase security when processing employment contracts and other documents containing personal data that prompted Nets’ HR department to implement a new, digital HR solution. But the solution has also made working procedures far more flexible, with Nets experiencing that cooperation between the HR departments in the Group’s various countries has now become much easier.

Simple and secure processing

Using the Nets Share HR solution, the HR department has achieved a combined digital input system for the secure transmission, signing and storage of employment contracts and other employee documents. At the same time, it has also become easier for Nets to assign permissions and in this way control which HR employees have access to which documents.

Torsten Kammann Juul Leimand is head of HR Information Systems at Nets. He explains:

“It is crucial for us to be able to offer our employees completely secure processing of their personal data. Obviously we have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, and by implementing Nets Share HR, we have made things even more secure. We are now processing the documents in a closed system, and only relevant employees have access to them.”    

e-Boks at the centre

It has proved simple to incorporate the new solution into the existing working procedures. When an HR employee has prepared an employment contract in, for example, MS Word, they can choose “Nets e-Boks” as the printer, enter the recipient’s personal ID number and specify whether the document needs to be signed. From here, the document is sent directly to the new employee’s inbox in e-Boks, where it can be signed. When the contract is sent to e-Boks, it is automatically saved in Nets’ digital archive. 

“It has been something of an eye-opener for many people in our department to work in this way. A Danish employee can now send contracts via e-Boks to employees in Norway, for example, and it is a lot simpler for our departments to support each other because all documents are available in digital format. It makes really good sense,” says Torsten Kammann Juul Leimand. 

Shared archive makes things simpler

Previously, the HR department stored all documents in physical filing cabinets, running the risk of incorrect filing or an employee spending time searching for a contract on which another employee was working. Using the digital archive, several employees can access the same document at the same time as long as they are authorised to do so. The archive guarantees that personnel communication and important documents will not be spread across e-mails, e-Boks and various digital and physical folders.

“The archive part works really well and is developing into a hub for all our HR processes. It is easy to keep track of our documents, and we have complete control of who has access to which documents,” explains Torsten Kammann Juul Leimand.

He also points out that the digital archive automatically keeps track of how long a document is located in the archive so that in this way Nets can ensure that it complies with the guidelines for storing sensitive personal data.

From physical to digital

The transition to the digital HR solution required as little as no training. However, Torsten Kammann Juul Leimand admits that it has been quite the undertaking to convert all the physical documents for the digital archive. Nets elected to process these internally over the summer, allocating a dedicated resource to scan all personnel files and automatically upload them to the archive. Even though the process took some time, it was also a good opportunity to review all the documents and, among other things, to ensure that no documents have been stored for longer than permitted. 

“The transition from physical to a digital archive has definitely involved a lot of work. But now we have complete control of all documents in Denmark and Norway, and soon we will be sorted for Sweden and Finland as well. We have control of individual HR employees’ rights to access documents, and our departments are finding it easier to support each other. And most importantly, our many employees, new and old, can now be sure that Nets complies with the General Data Protection Regulation as regards storing documents,” says Torsten Kammann Juul Leimand.


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