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​With more than 700,000 members altogether, KLP is Norway’s biggest life insurance company. Thanks to the ediEX and e-Boks solutions from Nets, the company has been able to streamline its distribution and, at the same time, lay the groundwork for better digital communication with its members.

The upshot for KLP will be major savings from cost-cutting and efficiency enhancements over the next few years, according to Fred Olav Ødegaard, KLP project director:

A short time ago, we began working with our members to obtain their consent for electronic communications. Tens of thousands have already taken this step, and the number is growing rapidly. If we succeed in switching sufficient numbers of members to electronic communication, we’ll ultimately be able to save millions of kroner,” Ødegaard comments.

At the same time, he explains that improving the efficiency of processes was the initial underlying reason for KLP choosing to adopt the e-Boks digital mailbox solution and the ediEX distribution solution. Ødegaard also mentions that electronic distribution and communication with members could pave the way for even better services.

White label website integration of e-Boks

KLP was already able to offer its customers electronic mail services, but in a different way. A crucial difference that led them to choose e-Boks was support for implementing a white label solution on their own website. This means members can log on to the KLP website to read electronic communications. This gives them an additional incentive to visit the website, which is one of KLP’s key communication channels besides physical and digital mail.

“We realised we needed to be able to distribute documents electronically, and we had to consider a number of aspects: we could have gone for the generic solution offered by DIFI, but having access to electronic mail on our own website was what worked best for us. Basically, this is because we want to attract customers to our website, where we offer banking, wealth management and insurance services,” Ødegaard explains.  “Because customers can access e-Boks on our website, they’re also exposed to our other services and products. Efficiency enhancements and cost-cutting are important drivers, but so are security, additional sales and cross-selling,” he explains.

Professional distributor

By choosing Nets’ ediEX distribution solution, KLP has taken another major step towards going digital and making the process of sending and handling mail more efficient. KLP is in an unusual position because they have a large number of members who are in public-sector service pension schemes, but they also have many in private schemes. This means they have to abide by various sets of legislation, processes and procedures for different members, including in relation to privacy preferences. However, Nets and KLP joined forces to adapt ediEX to accommodate these needs.

“We offer our customers a standardised solution that can be tailored to suit different needs. This very flexibility means that companies like KLP are able to enhance the efficiency of multiple processes, which in turn will lead to major savings,” adds Gard Heiaas, Head of ediEX at Nets.

The adjustability of ediEX, combined with simplified processes, is perhaps the greatest source of satisfaction to KLP:

“Nets is a professional integration partner and they’ve given us security and predictability in our distribution process. ediEX gives us streamlined document distribution tailored to KLP’s needs.” Dividing up the various tasks in ediEX is no problem, either: “We tell them what to do with all the documents, and then they allocate the letters that are to go via e-Boks, Digipost or print. They even print the documents for us. A key point is that we now have fewer parties to interact with in managing the distribution process,” Ødegaard notes.

“We’re delighted with these solutions and the excellent follow-up we’ve had all along from Nets,” he concludes.


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​​Sales Manager
Norway & Sweden
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