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Ikano Bank

​Provider of specialised banking services has learned to value the comprehensive range of services Nets can provide for digital signature.

”We needed to implement systems which interacted, and we needed help to take a new direction in this area so we got in touch with Nets. They presented an attractive cooperation model to us and were able to supply quality systems to solve our problems,” explains Head of D2C, Christian Gagnum.

​Ikano Bank is a provider of specialised banking services with a high level of expertise within financing to support sales to both the private and corporate markets. The bank supplies customised systems based on their partners’ need to increase sales and build their brand.

”We were pretty sure that Nets would become an important partner and wanted to find out exactly what they could do for us,” explains Christian Magnum. ”We realised that we would have to establish a very close working relationship with a new partner to cover all our needs, and would most probably have to take a new direction. A large number of the services and expertise we require are still being developed. Nets responded very quickly and we were able to make an early start on the requirement specifications.”


We were looking for systems which could interact and Nets has now become an important partner for us

”As always, time is of the essence but it is equally important for us to take time to consider the whole picture for all our critical business processes. As our partner, Nets has to understand our business and have the capacity to combine services which communicate with each other. We realised at an early stage that Nets has the capacity to provide a fully automated system for our commercial customers, similar to the one we already utilise for private customers.”


The Nets systems provide fully automated digital signature

”In many ways, the key criterion is ’fully automated services’. We need to be able to process applications from A to Z without manual supervision. It shouldn’t be necessary, for example, to manually check the validity of a signature. Our objective is for company employees to be able to sign documents electronically on behalf of their company.”


Extremely positive results

”We have been very surprised by the positive response to the new systems on the market. Between 70 and 80 percent of all applications processed by our system today, in this case for a Coop company card, are signed electronically. If the person who signs has also been registered as an authorised signatory with the Brønnøysund Registry, the entire process is fully automatic.

This control function works extremely well for smaller companies and organisations. For larger companies, the Purchasing Manager or similar is most commonly responsible for signature and this still requires manual supervision.


Electronic signature for all the bank’s private accounts

”All our transaction sequences now go through Nets. The most recent process to enter into production is Nets’ new archiving system. This allows us to save documents in different formats, both documents with electronic and manual signature.”


Important not to undermine the time factor

”Nets is excellent at providing follow-up, responding rapidly to requests, communicating with customers and frequently providing status reports. As in many technological projects, the processes implemented by Nets take longer than expected. This is an area which could do with improvement in terms of our cooperation, but good communication and a mutual understanding are important elements with which to achieve further improvement to our partnership. Whenever we get in touch with Nets, they are very enthusiastic and we are always met with a very positive attitude towards new, exciting projects. Nets has the capacity to immediately identify opportunities. In my opinion, being a pilot customer for Nets is extremely positive for Ikano Bank, not to mention a source of inspiration,” concludes Christian Magnum.

​About Ikano Bank

Owned by the founder of IKEA

Ikano Bank was founded in Norway in 1991 and was originally a part of the IKEA Group, founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943. The company has its headquarters in Luxembourg and has approximately four thousand employees. The Ikano Group is involved in finance, insurance, real estate, commodities and asset management.

Supplier leasing

​Ikano Bank SE supplies leasing for a wide range of different products to companies and the public via supplier partners throughout the country.

Credit cards with some of Norway’s largest chains

​Ikano has years of experience of sales financing for retail chains, where credit cards are now fully and completely adapted to the profile of the individual chain and consumer trends. Ikano Bank is a partner for the majority of the largest chains in Norway.

Card systems for retail trade

​Ikano Bank SE provides customised, card-based systems for retail chains. These comprise the full range of services, from financing systems purely for the consumer to comprehensive customer loyalty programmes.


Jeanette Engstrøm Øren

​​Sales Manager
Norway & Sweden
M: +47 979 69 2​90​

Mathias Folchi

​​Sales Manager
M: +46 (0)73 144 70 50

Matti Villikka

​​Account Director
M: +35 85 03 71 33 97

​Morten Wiegand Larsen

Sales Manager

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