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​Arvato Financial Solutions Norway got better control of issuing their invoices when they switched to the ediEX invoicing solution. Moving to digital billing was a key process for Arvato Norway, and ediEX was the solution that offered them the most advantages. They switched to ediEX in 2013 and have never looked back since.

“The main reason we chose ediEX was because it would bring us much more flexibility. On top of that, the people behind this solution had a good reputation with strong expertise in distribution of invoices. We weren’t disappointed on either front,” according to Marius Gylseth, Head of IT at Arvato Financial Solutions Norway.

“We switched because we knew they were good at the technical stuff, with a strong awareness of how end-customers actually want to receive their bills. We didn’t want to divert our own internal development resources to deal with billing, and, once we started using ediEX, there was no need to involve them,” he explains.

Arvato Financial Solutions offers services such as billing administration, financing, following up on accounts receivable, and debt collection, with a staff of approximately 130 in Norway, operating at locations in Oslo and Rørvik. Switching to ediEX gave the Norwegian division of the company access to eFaktura, EHF and several other electronic invoice distribution methods. At the same time, they gained complete flexibility for billing designs, ensuring that end-customers receive their bills or letters via the desired distribution method.

“We’re very much in control of the invoices and letters distributed via ediEX. Using this portal allows us to continuously monitor the data quality of what we’re issuing so we can ensure the end result conforms to the specifications of our clients and their end-customers too,” Gylseth explains.

Thanks to special adjustments in ediEX, Arvato Norway has been able to deal with many of the challenges it faced with billing distribution. For example, they arranged for bills to be issued in EHF format for government public-sector businesses, while using eFaktura for their B2C customers.

According to Gylseth, they even use ediEX as an extra sales argument to new customers because they know the developers can quickly take account of new requirements in the solution and make continuous adjustments.

“We have a great relationship with the developers and the technical support team. They’re brilliant, and they respond quickly and provide excellent customer service. However, the main thing I want to emphasise is the flexibility we’ve found when adopting ediEX,” Gylseth concludes.

“Arvato Financial Solutions is synonymous with professional outsourcing services (Finance BPO), with a focus on cash flow in all phases of customer life cycle – from risk management to invoicing, sales of liabilities and debt collection. As part of this, we focus on minimising risk from the first encounter and throughout the payment process. Our services even make it possible to choose international payment methods. Arvato is the third-largest provider of integrated financial services in Europe, and the only one you need. Professional. Reliable. Efficient.”

“Nets delivers payment, card and information solutions in the Nordic countries. The company ensures that payments, invoicing and distribution of key documents to customers are done in as flexible and cost-effective a way as possible, either via electronic channels or as physical documents.”


Jeanette Engstrøm Øren

​​Sales Manager
Norway & Sweden
M: +47 979 69 2​90​

Mathias Folchi

​​Sales Manager
M: +46 (0)73 144 70 50

Matti Villikka

​​Account Director
M: +35 85 03 71 33 97

​Morten Wiegand Larsen

Sales Manager

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