4. Black/White List

​ID-Rights functions to build and mantain an updated profile of your customers:

Add shadow register data

This function is managed by the customer to blacklist (deny) or whitelist (allow) priviliges to a selected company and/or person.

It can be used i.e. to ensure that a given person cannot sign on behalf of a company (even if the person holds signature and/or procuration rights) or that a given person can sign on behalf of a company (even if the person doesn't hold signature and/or procuration rights).

Useful for compliance management.

Coverage: Norway

Message name: AddShadowRegisterRecord



AddShadowRegRecord Input

​RecordType​The type of record that is added.​Company or Person
​RecordValue​The unique identifier for the record. If the RecordType is Company, an organization number should be provided. If RecordType is Person, a social security number should be provided.​Matching SSN or organization number.
​ActionType​The type of action to perform for the given record.​Reject or Approve
​Description​The reason why this record is added.200 characters​
​RecordName​The name of the record ie company name or person name.​200 characters

AddShadowRegRecord Response

The response to this request varies, depending on the input - i.e. a company/person will be rejected or approved whenever prompted into the system.


Get/Remove shadow register data

When a shadow register is enabled, a message will always be made against the shadow register in connection with predetermined ID-Rights query - i.e. "Get Signature Data". The customer is then given the option to retrieve and/or delete any given shadow register data.

Useful to keep an updated profile of your customers.


Message name: GetShadowRegRecords

 Message name: RemoveShadowRegRecord