2. KYC/AML support

​ID-Rights functions designed to ensure compliance and pre-populate your customers' forms and applications:

Main functions:

Additional functions (Norway only):  ​


Business Interests

This function returns a list of businesses associated with the given person and the type of role the person has in each of these businesses.

Useful to retrieve organization numbers for "Enkelmannsforetak", as well as to build a richer business profile of a person, i.e. related to wealth and credit checks. 

Coverage: Norway 
Message name: GetBusinessInterests

GetBusinessInterests.png GetBusinessInterests Input

​PersonID​Unique identifier for a person​See the section regarding PersonID

GetBusinessInterests Response

Registered​​Date when the entry was registered in brreg​A dateTime
​Company​Details about the company​See the section regarding Company
​Positions​Which position the given person has in the given company​See the section regarding BusinessPosition

Solitary Signing Rights

This function returns a structured list of organizations where the given person has signing and/or procuration rights alone. 

Useful to get information on business owners and their signing rights. Due to local rules and legislation in Denmark, such information is i.e. crucial to determine if a person can use Private NemID to sign a document on behalf of a company. 

Coverage: Denmark 

Message name: GetSolitarySR


 GetSolitarySR Input


​Unique Danish national identy number - CPRNr

​10 digits which must be valid CPRNr.                                                        ([0-9]{10})|([0-9]{6}-[0-9]{4})
e.g. 1234567890 or 123456-7890

GetSolitarySR Response​

​NationalIdentityNumberUnique Danish national identity number - CPRNr​
​LastUpdated​Last date at when signing rights got updated
NemLoginPersonLoginAllowed​Structured list of Danish organizations (CVR) Number and Name for which requested person has signing or procuration rights alone​​See the section regarding NemLoginPersonLoginAllowed

Beneficial Owners

​This function identifies all beneficial owners based on the given organization number. As ownership is often layered, the function returns a list of physical person(s) and/or organization(s) with more than 25% ownership (including their exact share percentage) up to 6.levels or to the point where the ownership becomes international. 

Key to comply with the new AML directive (AMLD4), which requires to identify and verify beneficial owners. Beneficial owners are defined as owners with more than 25% ownership in an organization.

Coverage: Norway 

Message name: GetBeneficialOwners


 GetBeneficialOwners Input

​OrganizationNumberOfficial organization number ​9 digits starting with 8 or 9

 GetBe​neficialOwners Response

​​Name​Description ​Constraints
​BeneficialOwners​Beneficial Owner details​See the section regarding BeneficialOwners

Original data for organization from BRREG

This function returns the original raw data from Brønnøysund (BRREG) containing information about signature and procuration rights for the requested organization. 

To be used as a substitute service, i.e. when a prior 'Get Signature Data' query results in an output error. It is normally used for manual processing.

Message name: GetOriginalSPText


GetOriginalSPText Input

​OrgNr​Official organization number​9 digits starting with 8 or 9

GetOriginalSPText Response

InterpretedSPTexts​​A signature and procuration rights with the addition of a headertext if it exists.​See the section regarding InterpretedSPInfoList
​ShadowRegRecord​A record containing all information that is registered on the given company in the blacklist.​See the section regarding ShadowRegRecord

Signed certificate of registration from BRREG

This function returns company certificate of registration from BRREG in .PDF format. 

The certificate is electronically signed by our subcontractor Experian AS using their BankID company certificate. 

Message name: GetBusinessCertificate


GetBusinessCertificate Input

OrganizationNumber​xs:string​Official organization number9 digits starting with 8 or 9​

GetBusinessCertificate Response

a signed Business Certificate with an OCSP response. For some forms of organizations, i.e. 'enkelmannsforetak', it is not mandatory to register a business certificate.

​DataSource​Source of the Business Certificate​Always Brreg
​ContentType​Mimetype of Business Certificate​NA
​B64BusinessCertificateBytes​The base 64 encoded pdf that contain the Business Certificate​NA
​B64DigitalSignature​Base 64 encoded PKCS#7 signature over the given Business Certificate​NA
​B64OCSPResponse​Base 64 encoded OCSP response that verifies the status of the signing certificate​NA

Board and management

This function returns information about all roles in an organization - including the name, address and, where applicable, the SSN of the people who hold these roles.

Useful to get general management information without obtaining detailed signature data.

Message name: GetBusinessPositionCodes


GetBusinessPositionCodes Input

OrganizationNumber​​Official organization number​9 digits starting with 8 or 9

GetBusinessPositionCodes Response

OrganizationNumber​​Official organization number​9 digits starting with 8 or 9
​CompanyRoles​A company role​See the section regarding CompanyRole

Get organization number

This function returns the organization number (including registered name and company status) based on the organization name and address. 

Message name: GetOrgInfo


GetOrgInfo Input

​OrganizationName​The name of the organization​NA
​OrganizationAddress​The street address of the organization​NA

GetOrgInfo Response

​Companies​List with detailed information about companies​See the section regarding Company


This function returns the SSN of a person based on the name, address and date of birth of the person. 

Message name: GetPersonInfo


GetPersonInfo Input

​Name​Persons name​LastName FirstName MiddleName i.e. Hansen Ida Sofie
​Address​PersonsAddress ​StreetName StreetNumber i.e. “Torggata 1”
​DateOfBirth​The date the person was born. ​Ddmmyy - Optional

GetPersonInfo Response

Person​​Detailed information about the given person​See the section regarding Person

Get person name and address

This function returns the name, address and date of birth of a person based on the person SSN. 

Message name: GetPersonInfoBySSN


 GetPersonInfoBySSN Input 

​SSNSocial Security Number​​See the section regarding PersonID

GetPersonInfoBySSN Response

​Fdatosok​Date of birth
PostnrZip code​






​ ​