​ID-Rights is a B2B (business-to-business) solution to obtain qualified signature and procuration rights for companies across the Nordic countries.

​The service automates the process of finding, assessing and validating the person/people who can sign on behalf of a company. Acting as a virtual legal advisor, ID-Rights ensures compliance and effective risk control when entering into agreements between businesses.

The service relies on certified business information from each country's official register: its legal quality (authenticity) is thus absolute. Such registers are made for human consumptions, lacking digital contact information and unique identifiers for people. This is solved by ID-Rights advanced interpretation - which ultimately returns a perfect match between national identity numbers and organization numbers.

When used in combination with Nets E-Signing service and trusted eID services (such as BankID, NemID, etc), ID-Rights helps you to fully automate your signing processes and customer onboarding.

ID-Rights offers various functions which can be used before and/or after a document has been signed.

Pre-processing functions are designed to support your KYC/AML procedures and to pre-populate your customers' forms and applications. Post-processing functions are meant to validate digital signatures in real-time and to build and mantain an updated profile of your customers. See web service functions.