1. Signing Rights

​ID-Rights offers the following pre- and post-processing functions:

Get Signature Data

This function returns a full set of interpreted signature, procuration and board information - including the name, address and possibly personal identification number (requires a data processor agreement) of the people who hold these roles within the requested organization.

It is typically used before a signature process to automate and optimize a digital process flow.

The unique value of this function is that it interprets manually entered signing rights which are not normally available in digital form.


Coverage: Norway, Sweden, Finland. Denmark (see exception under *** for Denmark)

Message name: GetSPInfoByOrg


GetSPInfoByOrg Input

​OrganizationNumber​Official organisation number.​Length is 9 or 10 consisting of digits and 1 optional dash
​ShowHeaderText​​​In case of Inconclusive answer, the text rule will be added to the response. 
Only applicable for Swedish organisations.
​Valid values: [True | False]

GetSPInfoByOrg Response

​Name​Description ​Constraints
CompanyRoles​​A list of all roles in the given company.​See the section about CompanyRole
​InterpretedSPInfoList​A list containing all signing and procuration information available.​See the section regarding InterpretedSPInfoList
​ShadowRegEntry​Info regarding blocked status of the company if the company is blocked.​See the section regarding ShadowRegRecord​

Note: when one or more signing rules cannot be machine interpreted, the response is set to: Inconclusive.

When no company is found (i.e. when a given org. number is incorrect), the following error message is returned: NULL/empty

When a company is not supported (see country specific information ), the following error message is returned: NULL/empty


*** GetSPInfoByOrg Denmark: due to local legislation, Nets is not allowed to return the CPRn of the company signatories as well as info on procuration rights.

Verify Signature Data​ ​​

This function verifies signature and procuration rights at the time when the verification request is sent (real-time). The function validates that 1 ... N people combined have signature rights on behalf of a given organization.

It is typically used after a signature process is completed to verify that the correct people have signed the document.

Useful when the company signatories are known (i.e. based on prior 'Get Signature Data' query) and/or when the signature process has taken some time and there is a risk of changes in signature rights process.


Coverage: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark

Message name: VerifySignatureAndProcuration 

VerifySignatureAndProcuration.png VerifySignatureAndProcuration Input

OrganizationNumber​​Official organization number​9 digits starting with 8 or 9
​PersonIdList​Unique identifiers for persons​List of personIDTypeDef
See the section regarding PersonID
VerifySignatureAndProcuration Response
DataSource​Describes which data source has been used for this call​.​Brreg (online data Norway)
Experian (offline data Norway)
BV (onlinedata Sweden)
UC (offline data Sweden)
Virre (online data Finland)
Erst (online data Denmark)
​SignatureType​Describes whether it is signature or procuration rights.​Signature or Procuration
SignatureConclusion​​Tells if the group has the right indicated by signatureType.​Positive (signature or procuration),                    Negative (if no rights are present),                                         or Inconclusive (if the system isn't able to determine the group rights)
​ShadowRegEntry​Info regarding blocked status on the company or person ​See the section regarding ShadowRegRecord
Note: There is a configurable option in ID-Rights to always return a Positive Procuration Response when the "daglig leder/CEO" is one of the people included in the input. This setting won't affect any existing "daglig leder/CEO" signature rights.    
The option must be explicitly requested by the customer.