3. Audit Trail

​ID-Rights functions assuring transparency and defense of your records:

Transaction history per query

This function returns all previous service responses based on a given MessageID. An important function when audited. 
Coverage: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark 

Message name: GetHistoricalResponse


GetHistoricalResponse Input

​HistoricalMessageID​The message id of the requested message​Max length of 50 characters

GetHistoricalResponse Response 

The response to this request varies, depending on the input - i.e. if the historical response was "GetBusinessPositionCodesResponse", the response to this request will also be a "GetBusinessPositionCodesResponse".  

Transaction history per time range

This function returns all response IDs (up to 1000 elements) associated with a selected time range. If an organization number is provided, only requests regarding the actual organization is returned.   

Coverage: Norway 
Message name: GetHistoricalResponseID


GetHistoricalResponseID Input

​OrgNrThe organization number. This field is optional.​​Nine digits, starting with 8 or 9.
​FromTime​The time of the oldest response  id requestedA valid dateTime​
​ToTime​The time of the newest response id requested​A valid dateTime

GetHistoricalResponseID Response​

​OrgNr​The organization number. This field is optional.​Nine digits, starting with 8 or 9.
​Time​When the message was received​A valid dateTime
​MessageID​The unique id for the historical request​A string up to 40 characters