Test users

​Test users from the different eIDs are necessary to test your implementation. We have gathered all necessary information needed to retrieve test users for all supported eIDs here.

BankID (NO)

Below is a list of test users. These are available to everyone. Please make sure that you don’t lock the test user by typing the wrong OTP/password more than 3 times. If you happen to lock a user, we would appreciate a notification so that it can be un-locked by using the Contact us form.  

​Åse Nilsen​02105892090​otp​qwer1234
Ole Olsen​09096522557​otp​qwer1234
Nils Åge Larsen​29019231184​otp​qwer1234
​Kari Hansen​06121615612​otp​qwer1234

For dedicated test users, use the Contact us form. If you need a specific SSN (preferably a fictive as this is test), please provide that together with the request for the test user.   

BankID on mobile (NO)

To test BankID on mobile, you need a dedicated mobile phone with a SIM-card for test purposes. Use the Contact us form to request a SIM-card and a user. 

​​​​Information about the BankID on mobile test user (fetch from BankID's site):

  • ​BankID on mobile test user is active for two years. After two years a new SIM-card must be requested for re-activating a BankID on Mobile testuser.
  • All test SIM cards from Telenor are delivered with 50 NOK. There has to be minimum 1 NOK on the card for BankID on mobile to work. You can check the balance of the cards by sending SALDO to 2525. More information about the balance and recharging the cards can be found here: https://www.telenor.no/privat/mobil/lade.jsp
  • ​Even though no money has been used, the prepaid card has to be recharged regularly to not be terminated at Telenor. The time period for recharging the card is 15 months and an sms with information will be sent to the number prior to this. If the card is not recharged within 15 months (regardless of use), the SIM card will be terminated at Telenor, and a new SIM card must be activated.​

BankID (SE)

​​How to generate a test user:

  1. ​For BankID on file, download the security app from here:https://install.bankid.com and install it. After installation, configure the app as specified here:https://demo.bankid.com/Konfigurera.aspx
  2. ​For Mobile BankID, follow the instructions for your OS of choice here: https://demo.bankid.com/Konfigurera.aspx
  3. Get an BankID demo site access code by filling in your data on this page: https://demo.bankid.com/CreateCode.aspx
  4. Go to: https://demo.bankid.com and log in with the personal code (bottom left) received in the e-mail registered in step 1.
  5. Click Issue.
  6. Choose whether to issue test user for BankID on file​ or Mobile BankID​.
  7. Either for BankID on file or Mobile BankID, insert your Personal number and name of choice and click Issue (You can generate fake personal numbers at https://www.fejk.se). FYI: BankID (SE) requires 12 digit personal number, solve that by adding 19 at the beginning of the number generated.
  8. Follow the instructions given and you should soon be able to use the test user. Please keep in mind that you already have installed BankID security application and/or BankID Mobile in step 1/2.
Note: If you have installed too many test users in your BankID security app, the app will not work. To fix this, delete some of the test users.

NemID (DK)

There are two available types of NemID test users.


NemID til Private (POCES)

Below is a list of already created test users. Please make sure that you don’t lock the test user by typing wrong otp/password too many times. If that happen or if the key card is empty, please notify us using the Contact us form.

​Thorgrim122​​1403532411​asasas12​See key card: Thorgrim122 - key card.pdf
Tienna1411303103238​asasas12​See key card: Tienna141 - key card.pdf
Tiina136​3112743356​asasas12​See key card: Tiina136 - key card.pdf
​Tordur131​2706023131​asasas12​See key card: Tordur131 - key card.pdf
​Tinemarie258​​1303103252​asasas12​See key card: Tinemarie258 - key card.pdf

How to generate your own test user:

  • Issuance of test users must be done from here (whitelisting required):
  • ​​If you are an E-Ident customer, send your IP address and MID to Nets using the Contact us form. We will forward the request to NemID. For others, see NemID "Adgang til testsystem"​ 
  • No detailed guide for issuance of POCES test user exists. When creating a test user, please make sure to select a valid password (6 or more characters, and at least one character and one number).

Note: If you select an invalid password, any attempt to test with this user will generate a SRV004 error.


NemID Medarbejdersignatur (MOCES)

MOCES key file test user that can be downloaded from here (no whitelisting required):


How to generate your own test user:

Note: You may NOT use the developer tools at https://appletk.danid.dk/developers/  in order to issue a MOCES test user, even though it may seem so.

Finnish Bank ID (Tupas) (FI)

​The test users listed below can be used for testing.

​BankUser name​​Password​OTP​Name​SSN
Osuuspankki​12345678​Prefilled​Prefilled​Väinö Tunnistus


​Nordea​Prefilled​Prefilled​None​TESTAA PORTAALIA​210281-9988
​Danske Bank​Use real user data.​-​-​-​-
​Handelsbanken​11111111​123456​123456​​Testaaja Teemu ​010100A001N
​Ålandsbanken​12345678​12345​Four optional digits​DEMO ANNA​010170-960F
​S-Pankki​12345678​123456​1234​MEIKÄLÄINEN MAIJA​010170-960F
​Aktia​12345678​123456​1234​Tero Testi Äyräm​ö​010170-999R
​POP Pankki​11111111​123456​-​Testaaja Teemu ​010100A001N
​Säästöpankki​11111111​123456​-​Testaaja Teemu ​010100A001N
Oma Säästöpankki​11111111​123456​-​Testaaja Teemu ​010100A001N

Mobiilivarmenne (FI)​

To test your solution, you must use real user data.