Finnish Bank ID

​Finnish Bank ID is an eID offered by a number of Finnish banks and banking groups. Finnish Bank ID is a part of Finnish Trust Network (FTN). FTN is a network to simplify the usage of Finnish eIDs where Nets is registered as a identification service broker. 

​Enable Finnish Bank ID in your services

The Finnish Bank ID consists a set of Finnish banks. These are:

  • Osuuspankki
  • Nordea
  • Danske Bank
  • Handelsbanken
  • Ålandsbanken
  • S-Pankki
  • Aktia
  • POP Pankki
  • Säästöpankki
  • Oma Säästöpankki​
Nets is an ID broker and offers all banks through our E-Ident/FTN service. Upon configuration you will be setup with all banks.
Read more about FTN here​. 

Information about the end user

​Birth date


Requires: scope=profile

DOB​End user's birth date.
​Family name


Requires: scope=profile

SURNAME​End user's surname.


Requires: scope=ssn

​FI_SATU​Finnish unique identification number (sähköinen asiointitunnus).

​fi_ssn / ssn

Requires: scope=ssn

​FI_SSNEnd user's ​Finnish personal identity code (henkilötunnus). Read more about SSN handling.


Requires: scope=openid

FI_TUPAS_BANK​The end user’s bank used in the identification process.
​Personal identifier

fi_tupas_pid / pid

Requires: scope=openid

​FI_TUPAS_PID​Personal identifier set by Nets FTN.
​Given name


Requires: scope=profile

GIVENNAME​End user's first/given name.
​Full name


Requires: scope=profile

Note: The name value is constructed of the given_name + family_name.  

FULLNAME​End user's full name
​Organisation name


Requires: scope=organisation


Requires: returnorg=true

​The organisation name connected to the user's legal person ID. Read more.
​Organisation/VAT number


Requires: scope=organisation


Requires: returnorg=true

​​The organisation number (VAT) connected to the user's legal person ID. Read more.

​​Handling of SSN

The social security number (SSN) of an end user can be returned if you are allowed to receive this. This will be determined when you enter into an agreement with Nets or the issuing bank. The SSN is returned as the fi_ssn and ssn claim (if ssn is part of scope in OIDC identification request) or as FI_SSN in the assertion (SAML).

Information about organisation

Some banks issues IDs to not only natural persons, but also to a legal person. To get information about the organisation affiliation, you need to either set the scope to organisation (OIDC) or append the returnorg=true parameter to the identification request. The name of the person's organisation and organisation number (VAT number) will be returned.

User experience​​

Bank ID dialogue​

​Step 1 (select bank - optional page):

FI BankID - select bank.PNG


​Step 2:

The end user is directed to the bank's identification client. See each individual bank's look and feel when testing the service. 

End user routed directly to the bank's client

​The bank selection page in step 1 above can be skipped by appending the forcebank parameter to the identification request. This can be used if you already know which bank the end user is using or to build your own bank selection page. Check the bank's web site to get correct logo or you may request the logos from support​. 

CSS styling​​

The Bank ID "step 1" page can be styled by overriding the Nets default style.  

Bank logos

If needed, the different bank's logo can be found at these links: