Operational information

​All coming customer affected changes for E-Ident.

Service window E-Ident and FTN

Time: 2022-01-18 09:00 - 2022-01-21 09:00 CET - POSTPONED - NEW DATE TBA


Nets will perform a disaster recovery test for the E-Ident, FTN, E-Signing and ID-Rights services during the service window. In this year's test we will continue to focus on the performance of the services.

The test will be performed by turning off one of the two service branches used and run on one branch for the duration of the test. The services will be monitored closely during the entire service window, and if any of the services start to respond slower, the second service branch will be turned on again.

There is no associated downtime with the service window, and the services will run as normal.

Required upgrade to use encrypted ID Token for FTN customers

Time: As soon as possible or the 15th June 2022 as the latest


To be aligned with requirements to identity brokers from Traficom (Finnish Transport and Communications Agency), all FTN customers MUST use the OIDC protocol with encrypted ID Token in the communication with the FTN service. This means that several customers need to update their implementation with support for encrypted ID Tokens and a few customers need to change the implementation from SAML to OIDC. Below is link to documentation regarding both encrypted ID Tokens, and the OIDC protocol.


Customers are kindly requested to update their implementation now and in any case well before the deadline 15th June 2022. Please contact support to request update of your customer configuration and with other questions.