Operational information

​All coming customer affected changes for E-Ident.

​​​​​​​​SAML response​ format change

Timeline: 07.01.2019 (customer test) / 19.03.2019 06:00 (production)


On March 19, Nets will upgrade software related to the E-Ident SAML interface in production. The E-Ident SAML interface will operate as normal and no downtime will impact customers. However, the upgrade will cause minor differences in how the SAML response messages are formatted. This should not have any effect on most customers. But as a safety measure, we advise you to verify that your system works with the E-Ident customer test environment after the upgrade has been performed on January 7.
Note: This change may only affect you if you are using the E-Ident SAML integration. OpenID Connect is not affected.


This is an example of how the XML formatting will change for the SAML responses from E-Ident.
​Currently, the attributes of a SAML response from E-Ident looks like this:​
<ns3:Attribute AttributeNamespace="urn:bbs:esec:adames:ti2:saml:1.1:attributeNamespace:uri" AttributeName="DN">
    <ns3:AttributeValue xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xsi:type="xs:string">CN=TESTAA PORTAALIA

After the software upgrade:
<ns3:Attribute AttributeName="DN" AttributeNamespace="urn:bbs:esec:adames:ti2:saml:1.1:attributeNamespace:uri">
    <ns3:AttributeValue xsi:type="xs:string">CN=TESTAA PORTAALIA</ns3:AttributeValue>

Service wind​​ow - da​tabase migration​​​ - postponed

Time: 23.03.2019 20:00 CET - 24.03.2019 11:00 CET

The database used by the E-Ident, E-Signing and ID-Rights services will be migrated and upgraded to a new database. This task results in full migration to the latest database application version and is done to increase stability. Due to the complexity of the task, volume and integrity of customer data, the service window and planned downtime will be longer than usual. The unavailability is expected to be eight hours. 

Expected timeline:

    • ​​​​​20:00 - 23:00: Preparation tasks. Services will be available.
    • 23:00 - 07:00: Database migration and upgrade.​ The services will be unavailable in this time period. This is an overview of the tasks that will be performed:​
      • ​Stopping services at 23:00.
      • Verification of data between the new and old database.
      • Software update to point the services to the new database.
      • Starting services at 07:00 or earlier.​
    • 07:00 - 11:00: Verification of services and database. Services are planned to be available.​