Mobiilivarmenne (FI)

Mobiilivarmenne is the Finnish Mobile ID supported by the telecommunication operators Elisa, DNA and Telia.

Enable Mobiilivarmenne in your services

To get started with Mobiilivarmenne through E-Ident, you must have an FTN agreement with Nets. 
When that is in place, Nets will enable Mobiilivarmenne on your customer setup. 
More information about Mobiilivarmenne:

​Test users

Test users are available here.

Information about the end user

Full name


Requires: scope=profile

NAME​End user's full name
​Given name


Requires: scope=profile

GIVENNAME​End user's first/given name.
​Family name


Requires: scope=profile

​SURNAME​End user's surname.
​Birth date


Requires: scope=profile

DOB​End user's birth date.
Distinguished name


Requires: scope=cert

DN​The distinguished name from the end user's certificate.


Requires: scope=ssn

​FI_SATU​Finnish unique identification number (sähköinen asiointitunnus).


Requires: scope=ssn

​FI_SSN​End user's ​Finnish personal identity code (henkilötunnus). Read more about SSN handling.
​Phone number ​phone_number ​PHONE_NUMBER​End user's phone number.

​Handling of SSN

​The social security number (SSN) of an end user can be returned if you are allowed to receive this. This will be determined upon registration. The SSN is returned as the fi_ssn claim (if ssn is part of scope in OIDC identification request) or as FI_SSN in the assertion (SAML).

You will always get date of birth in return if it is possible to deduct this from the information from Mobiilivarmenne. This is returned as ​birthdate (if profile is part of scope in the OIDC identification request) or as DOB​ in the assertion (SAML).

​User ex​perience​

​The Mobiilivarmenne user dialogue does not support iframe. This means that the user's top level window must be redirected to E-Ident instead of embedding it in an iframe. 

Mobiilivarmenne dialogue

Step 1 (enter phone number)​​​​:​​


​​Step 2​​​​:​​​​

Mobiilivarmenne logo

If needed, the Mobiilivarmenne logo can be downloaded here: (see bottom of page).