Nets Passport Reader

​By using the Nets Passport Reader app, you can identify anyone in the world by using a passport (or similar machine-readable ID document) and mobile phone. By using the Nets authentication-based signing, documents can be signed.

Enable Nets Passport Reader in your services

Nets Passport Reader is available in E-Signing through the authentication-based signing function. The authentication is performed using the E-Ident service, and the E-Signing service generates the signature and adds the signature to the document. As a customer, you only need to integrate towards E-Signing, but your customer configuration will be updated with an E-Ident setup as well.

To get started with authentication-based signing with Nets Passport Reader, please contact support and they will help you enable the service.

More information about Nets Passport Reader:

Nets Passport Reader specific implementation

To create a sign order with authentication-based signing, please have a look at the authentication-based signing page. The Nets Passport Reader specific values are listed in the table below:

​AuthenticationID​This element can be used to indicate that Nets Passport Reader is one of the eID's the signer can sign with. ​passport_reader
​SignerID / IDType

The SignerID element can specify which user that shall sign the document. 

PID: The ID document number
​forcepkivendorThe forcepkivendor parameter can be used to point the user directly to this eID. Read more about forcepkivendor. ​abs:passport_reader

User experience

Step 1 - document signing with pop-up and standalone UI:

Step 1 - pop-up UI.PNG

Step 1 - document signing with embedded UI:


Step 2 and further:

See the identification steps for Nets Passport Reader.

Nets Passport Reader logo

If needed, the Nets Passport Reader logo can be downloaded here.

Document types and sizes

The following document formats are supported using Nets Passport Reader:

  • PDF​
  • Tex​t

​The size limit of a document is set to 10 MB base64 encoded document. An encoded document adds approximately 30 % extra to a non-encoded document.​​