All major eID's from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are supported in E-Ident and E-Signing.

Electronic IDs (eIDs) in E-Signing:

Test users for all eIDs are gathered at the Test users page.

​How to enable a new eID

To enable a new eID, have a look at what is needed at the eIDs page. See links above. 

Things to consider during implementation:

  • The AcceptedPKIs ​element in the sign order. In this element, you can define one or more of the eIDs enabled in your customer configuration settings. If not using this element, all eIDs will be shown to the signer.
  • The forcepkivendor paramenter on the sign url. This parameter will (as the above element) help distinguish between the eIDs enabled in your customer configuration. 
If you have any questions, contact support​.