Terms and expressions

​Combined sign workflow

​The combined sign workflow is a combination of the sequential sign workflow and the parallel sign workflow.

​eID​Electronic ID

​Online Certificate Status Protocol

​Parallel sign workflow

​A parallel sign workflow is a workflow where all sign processes are defined in one step. The sign processes can be performed simultaneously.

​Partial SDO

A partial SDO is a SDO including only one document and all signers that have have signed the document at the requested time. A partial SDO is generated after each completed sign process.

​PKI​Public Key Infrastructure

Signed data object. A Signed Data Object (SDO) is an XML document holding signatures and certificate revocation data along with the signed documents.

​Sequential sign workflow

​A sequential sign workflow is a workflow with one sign process in each step. The steps in a sign order must equal the number of sign processes. Each sign process will then be performed in the order of the step where the first sign process must be completed before the next can be started.

​Sign order

A sign order is an order sent to the E-Signing service which defines the document(s) to be signed, the signer(s), the web context to sign the document(s) in, any connection to an organisation, all actions to be performed and post-processing details like archival and checking signature rights. The sign order is composed using the InsertOrder XML message.

​Sign process

​A sign process is constructed holding information about a single signer, a single document, a single web context and optionally a deadline and reminder settings. A signer may only sign one document at a time.


​Social security number


​A step is a collection of sign processes that may be executed simultaneously. The step with the lowest step number is executed first. A sign order may consist of many steps. Only one step may be active at any given time.