Nets One time code

Nets One time code is an easy and low-level identification method.

Enable Nets One time code in your services

The Nets One time code is a low level authentication method that can be used in the authentication-based signing functionality in E-Signing. The authentication is performed using the E-Ident service, and the E-Signing service generates the signature and adds the signature to the document. As a customer, you only need to integrate towards E-Signing, but your customer configuration will be updated with an E-Ident setup as well.

To get started with authentication-based signing with Nets One time code, please contact support and they will help you enable the service.

Nets One time code specific implementation

To create a sign order with authentication-based signing, please have a look at the authentication-based signing page. The Nets One time code specific values are listed in the table below:

​AuthenticationID​This element can be used to indicate that Nets One time code is one of the eID's the signer can sign with. ​nets_sms

The SignerID element can specify which user that shall sign the document. For Nets One time code the IDValue can be one this format:

  • <Phone number> <Last name>, <First name>
  • <Phone number>

​IDType: PID

IDValue: See description

​forcepkivendorThe forcepkivendor parameter can be used to point the user directly to this eID. Read more about forcepkivendor. ​abs:nets_sms

User experience

Step 1 (eID selection page):


Step 2 (document):



Step 3a (add user info):


Step 3b (phone number defined in SignerID):


Step 3c (phone number and name defined in SignerID):


Step 4 (enter code):

Nets logo

If needed, the Nets logo can be downloaded from

Document types and sizes​

The following document formats are supported using Nets One time code:

  • PDF​
  • Tex​t

​The size limit of a document is set to 5 MB base64 encoded document. An encoded document adds approximately 30 % extra to a non-encoded document.​​