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Why we ask for your information

At Nets, we are focused on fighting financial crime, money laundering and to protect our customers from being exploited by criminals. 

As a payment company, Nets has an obligation to comply with national legislation and EU-legislation and to follow what is known as Know Your Customer (KYC)-regulation. 

​What is KYC and what do we need to know?

​You may wonder why you are asked to answer questions or provide additional documentation about your company if you have been a customer for many years, or if you have provided similar information before. We fully understand this, however, ongoing assessment and verification of our customers is required by law and necessary for us to protect you as a customer and it will enable us to notice unexpected or unusual transactions and prevent financial crime, money laundering and terror financing.

This means that we need to identify and document who our customers are and what our services will be used for and where.

​Have you been contacted?

In reality, it means that you need to answer a few questions about your company and how and where you use the services from Nets. In addition, you may be asked to provide us with copy of ID and information about your company’s beneficial owners.

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