Release notes

​Release notes for the E-Signing service.

Release 20210922

Production date: 22.09.2021

  • English as system default language

English as system default language

From this release, English will be the system default language in the E-Signing service. The default language has previously been Norwegian. The supported languages and the rules regarding which language to display to the user are described here.

Release 20210818

Production date: 18.08.2021

  •  Control the order of the eIDs

Control the order of the eIDs

From this release, the order of the eIDs on the eID selection page can be controlled using the forcepkivendor parameter.

Read for more information.

Release 20210709

Customer test date: 09.07.2021

Production date: Not yet determined

  • MitID signing

MitID signing

In this release, the first version of MitID signing will be available for testing. Testing will be done using simulated MitID users and both PDF and text documents can be signed. Contact support if you want to enable MitID on your configuration setup.

Read more about MitID signing.

Release 20210506

Production date: 06.05.2021

  • Include SSN for BankID (NO) and BankID on mobile (NO)

Include SSN for BankID (NO) and BankID on mobile (NO)

From this release, it is possible to request to add the SSN to the SDO by using the IncludeSSN element. This feature is available for BankID (NO) and BankID on mobile (NO).

Release 20210407

Production date: 07.04.2021

  •  Norwegian BankID PAdES

Norwegian BankID PAdES

From this release, the E-Signing service have added support for the Norwegian BankID PAdES solution. When using this, all signatures will be added to the signed document using a visual seal from BankID with the name and signing time.

Read for more information about Norwegian BankID PAdES.

Release 20210303

Production date: 03.03.2021

  • Multi-document signing
  • BankID SE QR code

Multi-document signing

The multi-document signing functionality was deployed as a part of this release. The E-Signing service now gives you the possibility to bundle a set of documents and allow the user to sign all documents in one user flow and with only one interaction with the user's eID.

Read more about the multi-document signing functionality.

BankID SE QR code

From this release, the E-Signing service will be updated with the usage of QR code scanning when signinig with the BankID mobile app in Sweden. Users selecting to sign on a mobile device from another device will now be asked to scan a QR code instead of entering their national identification number. This is a new page displayed after the user has read the document:

BankID SE - step 3 - QR code.PNG

Read more about BankID SE signing.

Release 20201103

Production date: 03.11.2020

PDF form data capture

From this release it is now possible to retrieve the form data the first signer enters when filling out a PDF form. The form data can be retrieved using the GetFormData XML request.

Release 20201021

Production date: 21.10.2020

  • Minor change in GetSDODetailsResponse for Finnish bank ID signatures
  • Authentication-based signing and new eIDs
  • Increased document and sign order sizes

Minor change in GetSDODetailsResponse for Finnish bank ID signatures

From this release there will be a minor change in the GetSDODetailsResponse message. When requesting GetSDODetails with a SDO including one or more Finnish bank ID signatures, the PKIVendor response element will now return "Nets" as the PKI vendor and not "Tupas" as before. This change is done since it is actually Nets that issues the short-term certificate used in the Finnish bank ID signing. The PKIVendor element is described in the SDOSignatures section.  

Authentication-based signing and new eIDs

This release introduces the functionality to sign a document based on an authentication. After reading the document, the user will be asked to authenticate. The document will be signed with a short-term certificate issued by Nets CA based on the credentials for the authentication. The authentication-based signing functionality is available for all eID's supported by the E-Ident service. These eIDs are new in E-Signing from this release:

Read more about authentication-based signing.

Increased document and sign order sizes

The maximum sizes of a document and sign order has been increased from this release. The current document size is 5 MB base64 encoded document and the sign order size is set to 20 MB base64 encoded. Read more about document and sign order sizes.

Release 20200916

Production date: 16.09.2020

Appending sref parameter to URLs

The sref (signing reference) parameter can after this release be appended to these URLs:

  • AbortURL
  • ExitURL
  • ErrorURLBase

This is a configurable feature, please contact support to update your configuration settings. Read more about the different URLs in WebContexts.

Release 20200812

Production date: 12.08.2020

PAdES: Changing vendor of Nets signature and timestamp

The E-Signing service has changed the issuer of the certificate used to certify the PAdES document. The PAdES generated by the service is now certified by using a certificate issued to Nets by Buypass AS.

Nets-Buypass certificate.png

The timestamp embedded in the signature is signed by Firmaprofesional.

Nets-Firmapro certificate.png

The new certificates are both on the EU Trust List.

Release 20200603

Production date: 03.06.2020

PDF Form signing

In this release, the E-Signing service was updated with PDF Form signing. The document sent to E-Signing may be a PDF form. The first signer in the sign order will complete the form prior to signing.

Read more about the new functionality.

Release 20200205

Production date: 05.02.2020

Private NemID - on behalf of company update

An update of the Private NemID - on behalf of company function was added to this release. Previously, it was required that the signer's CPR number must be added to the sign order. From this release, this is not a requirement. If the CPR number has not been added, the signer will be prompted for his/hers CPR number prior to signing the document.

Release 20200122

Planned production date: 22.01.2020

Content of this release:  

  • E-mail notification updates
  • Bank ID FI logo updated

E-mail notification updates

The e-mail notification will be updated with a new sender e-mail address.

  • New e-mail address:
  • Old e-mail address:

The changes has been released to customer test.

Bank ID FI logo updated

The previous Bank ID FI logo has been replaced with a Finnish flag at the eID selection page. Have a look at the eID selection page.

Release 20200116

Production date: 16.01.2020

Content of this release:

  • Updated BankID logo
  • PAdES updates

Updated BankID logo

BankID (NO) has released a new version of this logo. The new logo has been updated on the eID selection page.

PAdES updates

The last page of the PAdES document has been updated with a new layout.


It is now also possible to control if the national identifier number/social security number shall be a part of the PAdES document or not. In both the GetPAdES and GeneratePAdES this is controlled by the IncludeSSN element. This functionality is available in the latest XML scheme. Download updated XML scheme.

Release 20191127

Planned production date: 27.10.2019

Content of this release:

  • Remove signatureinfo tag in GetSDODetails message when sign time is missing

Remove signatureinfo in GetSDODetails message

E-Signing was returning a SigningTime=1 when a signing time was not available in a SDO when using GetSDODetails. This has been the case when BankID on mobile (NO) has been used to sign. In this release, the SignatureInfo tag has been removed signing time is missing. The SignatureInfo element is a part of SDOSignatures.

SigningTime is now available when using either BankID (NO) and Finnish Bank ID.

Release 20191016

Planned production date: 16.10.2019

Content of this release:

  •       Return HTTP 500 error codes

Return HTTP 500 error codes

The E-Signing web service will after the release return HTTP 500 error codes instead of HTTP 200 error codes when unexpected errors occurs. The XML response will be the same, but the HTTP error code will change.

Release 20190821

Planned production date: 21.08.2019

Content of this release:

  • For Finnish Bank ID: Breaking out of iframe and improved responsiveness on bank selection page

Breaking out of iframe and improved responsiveness on bank selection page

This release includes two user experience improvements. During the change from the old bank interface (between Nets and the bank) to the new interface, several of the banks will not allow the usage of iframe. To have a consistent user experience all bank clients will break out of the iframe after the user has selected his/her bank. This will happen in the third step of the flow below (this sample is with Handelsbanken):

out of iframe2.jpg 

 In addition, the bank selection page (in step 2) has been updated to be fully responsive.