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As part of our continuing digital transformation, we have in 2020 moved our processing of invoices and POs to the widespread procurement platform Ariba Network. 

Nets invests time and resources in ensuring that payments are as efficient and reliable as possible. In order to maintain these values, we request a mutual cooperation and effort from our suppliers. 

Please note Nets preferred invoicing channel is Ariba Network and suppliers using this platform will be our preference in future relationships. If, however, you are exempt from using Ariba due to e.g. a special agreement with P2P, alternative invoicing channels are still available. You can find them on the Alternative Invoicing Channel-section. 

Thus, as a supplier to Nets, you are required to create an account on Ariba Network. This is with the purpose of being able to receive POs from us through the network and to easily match invoices against these POs prior to submitting them to Nets.

If you wish to do business with Nets, please start sending invoices through Ariba Network starting from your next invoice to Nets. You can register an account directly via the Ariba supplier site, should your company not have such account already. The use of SAP Ariba Standard account to handle purchasing orders from Nets and to create electronic invoices over Ariba Network is easy and free. 

If you are a new supplier and haven't received any Purchase Order (PO) from Nets, please wait until you receive a purchase order and follow the onboarding steps, where you can either create an Ariba account or link this PO to your existing account. Details described in our Account Guide

If you are an existing supplier who already has running POs with Nets, please contact and we will guide you through process. If otherwise in doubt, please reach out to

In addition, connecting with Nets on Ariba will grant both parties with increased visibility of incoming payments, reduce costs and minimize delays and errors.

For more information, please see our section on Ariba Network.

Requirement Specification on Supplier Invoices

In order to pay your invoices quickly and efficiently, it is important that the invoice details are correct. We therefore require each invoice to include the information below. If this information is omitted, there is a risk that payment of your invoice may be delayed or the invoice returned. All invoices related to an engagement shall be addressed to the Buyer entity that requested the Service. 

Please see below for specific invoice requirements: 

Requirements on Invoice Data 

All fields are mandatory, either as legal requirements or Nets’ specific requirements. Nets is specifically asking all suppliers to include the Nets’ reference person and the supplier reference person as well as the PO-number on the invoice. This data are needed as a minimum requirement to ensure that the order has been done according to Nets’ policy and services or that goods have actually been delivered. 

Therefore, if these three fields are omitted, Nets will need to return the invoice back to you. 

  • Our reference person 
  • Your reference person 
  • PO number 
  • Order date 
  • Delivery note number (if applicable) 
  • Invoice date 
  • Date of transaction or payment (if different from invoice date) 
  • Unique invoice number 
  • Your company number and VAT registration number 
  • The full name and address of your company, plus your email address and telephone numbers  
  • Our VAT registration number 
  • The full name and address of our company 
  • A description of the goods or services supplied, including quantities 
  • The date of the supply of the goods or services 
  • Unit price  
  • Currency   
  • The net amount charged for each VAT rate 
  • The applicable VAT rate as well as the total VAT payable 
  • When the Buyer is liable to pay VAT, information on reverse charge obligation 
  • Gross charge payable, including VAT 

Payment Terms and Conditions 

60 days payment terms unless agreed differently in the negotiation process and signed off in new supplier onboarding in Nets 

If you have questions, please contact: 

Email to: for PO related questions 

Email to: for invoice related questions