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Doing business with Nets

​On this site, you can find relevant information about what it means to do business with Nets. This involves our Invoicing process, Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions.

Code of conduct

Nets is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and we are committed to develop sustainable business solutions in a responsible way. We believe our suppliers and business partners are playing an important role in our value chain, which support us to become a success and be better. In Nets, we hold ourselves and our suppliers at a high standard to ensure that: 

  • everyone is treated with respect 
  • we protect the planet through what we do 
  • and zero tolerance towards bribery and corruption 

The commitment from our suppliers and business partners on human and labour rights, environment protection and anti-corruption is considered as prerequisite for our business relationships.

Click here to read the full Code of Conduct for Nets

Terms & conditions

In Nets we prioritize a high level of compliance and we have a list of Terms and Conditions for purchasing purposes. Please note that these conditions must be agreed to by the Supplier before the issuing of the Purchase Order number. 

Our General Terms and Conditions concerns all purchases by Nets, unless stated otherwise in the form of a written agreement. 

 Important to know: 

  •  Validity of Purchase Orders is only present when written and signed by an authorised person from Nets 
  • Nets is allowed to change or cancel a Purchase Order in writing but it must occur a minimum of 5 calendar days prior to the agreed delivery date 
  • Additional costs to agreed price cannot be added to the Purchase Order. However, the price excludes Value Added Tax 
  • The invoice must include Nets’ Purchase Order number and contact person for the respective order 
  • Delivery of goods must take place to the address stated in the Purchase Order, unless otherwise expressed in written agreement 
  • Nets can claim a penalty of 0,25% of the price of a Purchase Order per calendar day that it has been delayed in respect to the agreed delivery date 
  • If the Supplier delivers an order before the agreed delivery date without agreement with Nets, this Supplier must still not invoice earlier than the stated delivery date
  • The quality of ordered goods/services shall meet specifications defined in the agreement 
  • Once ordered goods/services have been delivered on the agreed delivery date, Nets obtains full ownership and rights of these goods/services 
  • It is warranted by the Supplier that the ordered goods are without any faults and/or defects. This applies to 2 years from the delivery date 
  • Conflict resolution shall initially be attempted through negotiation between Nets and Supplier 
  • Any and all information received from the other party, including prices and volume of procured goods, shall be considered and kept confidential 

Please make sure to read our full list of Terms and Conditions here.

Please bear in mind that for products with value above 13000 EUR and all services sold to Nets CEE in Croatia and Slovenia, Nets always requires a signed contract. 

For specific Terms and Conditions for Croatia, please read more here.

For specific Terms and Conditions for Slovenia, please read more here.