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Ariba Network

​All suppliers who wish to do business with Nets must first join Ariba Network

Steps to transacting with Nets through Ariba Network

Please find below the steps needed to connect with Nets on Ariba Network: 

  1. If you do not have an existing account, please register a Standard account or Enterprise account on Ariba Network 
  2. Confirm your ANID linked to your Ariba Account to Nets at 
  3. Await a trading relationship request to be sent to you from NETS A/S on Ariba Network 
  4. Ensuring that the trading relationship request has been established by: 
    1. Accepting the trading relationship request through the email received or when logging into your Ariba account 
    2. or confirming that a trading relationship request has been established with NETS A/S, if your account is set to automatically approve trading relationship requests 
  5. You are now ready to receive POs and send invoices to Nets through Ariba Network 

If you already have an existing Ariba-account, you will have to proceed with the following steps: 

  • Inform of us that you have an existing account and provide us with your ANID at 
  • If you are familiar with another Ariba account for your company that you no longer have access to but you have access to the mail-address linked to it, try to use the “Forgot Username”-function to reset the password 
    • This way you can link multiple accounts by following these steps 
  • Should you have any issues viewing your PO’s either in your Ariba-account or in the Interactive Email Orders sent to you from Ariba, please inform us of the PO-numbers at so we can try to locate them 
  • When you have located your PO’s from Nets in your mailbox, click the “Process Order”-button, which will take you directly to the Ariba supplier-page. 
    • With an existing account, and if it is the first time trying to access this PO, you will have the option to Login and link the PO to your account by following these steps 
  • When clicking Create Invoice, you can fill out the missing fields before submitting your invoice to Nets

Please note that our ANID on Ariba Network is AN01487851723

Ariba Network is the world’s largest business network with millions of buyers and suppliers present in over 190 countries. It makes it possible for business partners to easily transact with one another through electronic purchase orders and invoices. Two types of accounts are available for registration:

Standard account – This type of account consists of basic functionalities and is free for our suppliers to use. The Standard account allows for:

  • Collaboration on contracts
  • Receiving orders and sending invoices
  • Tracking your invoice and payment status
  • A limited number of transcations of documents
  • The use of a centralized portal for all of your transactions on Ariba Network


Enterprise account – This type of account offers what the Standard account offers and can additonally enhance the growth and strenghtening of your business. It allows for ERP integrations and automated workflows. In addition, you can

  • Upload and manage catalogs as a supplier
  • Have unlimited RFP responses through SAP Ariba Discovery
  • Have Supply chain collaboration
  • Have prioritized customer support

Click here to get to the Ariba supplier site where you can also register your Ariba supplier account. You can also refer to the Ariba website for more general information.

For more detailed guides on how to create an account, please refer to:

To login to your existing Ariba account or register for a new account, please refer to:

Frequently asked questions (Q&A)

Purchase Orders

Account configuration and setup


Other supplier-related questions