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Nets Digital Services

Our innovative, flexible and reliable digital payment solutions enable financial institutions to offer consumers a simple, smart and secure digital payment experience.


​Nets Digital Solutions - your reliable an​d future-ready stairway to the growing digital-first society​

​Nets Digital Solutions are your reliable and secure vehicle to the growing digital first society and its ensuing business benefits.

Our digital solutions enable financial institutions to offer consumers a simple, smart and secure digital and mobile ​payment experience. Nets' open modular, API-based platform philosophy, strong payment ecosyste​m, and Nordic expertise, will guard your investment with a proven, adaptable and stable solution that can be built on top of your existing engagements.​​
With our solutions you get the
ability to

  • Virtualise cards and perform secure payments, with a wallet/app enabled by Nets with your branding

  • Virtualise cards and perform secure payments, with your own developed wallet/app

  • Make your cards available and perform secure payments in 3rd party wallet/app

  • Make your cards available and perform secure payments in XPay wallets
Our solutions are ready for the
Nordic region

The value of ​Nets Digital Solutions

Broad spectrum of digital solutions – now and in the future

We give you the opportunity to explore among a broad spectrum of digital solutions allowing you to choose the solution that is right for you now with the possibility to add and change as the mobile payments landscape evolves. We offer mobile wallets based on HCE/NFC, Bluetooth and QR service solutions.

An established, secure and compliant platform

Our established, EMVco compliant and secure mobile solutions with international and domestic schemes are already used by 50+ financial institutions in the Nordic countries. In a dynamic mobile payment landscape, security and compliance are a priority to help you focusing on your core business.

Independent and issuer centric offering

Nets offers fully independent and issuer centric digital payment solutions for Visa, MasterCard and domestic schemes. We enable you to be in full control of your mobile footprint and you to use the mobile as a communication channel for your customers. We offer the opportunity to differentiate via co-development, meaning that if you have needs beyond our standard products, we will develop new features according to your business needs.

One integration - easy deployment

Easy to implement and deploy because you get a compliant-ready solution. The powerful combination of ONE integration and an open platform with a standard SDK allows you to implement all your required functionalities via one single well-established provider.

Backing the success of our customers with end2end support

Our team of experts stands ready to advise and support you regarding all aspects of your digital solution. We support you, end-to-end, in choosing, implementing, deploying and maintaining the digital p​ayment platform - 24/7. ​​

Why digital payme​nts

Market readiness
Nordic consumers are ready. Their demand for digital mobile facilitated solutions is increasing day by day. We call it the mobile first society.


Improved customer experience
Instantly improved customer experience with greater payment convenience. The consumer value proposition is obvious. Any card, any device, anywhere.


New solutions beyond payments
You can utilise Nets´ digital payments platform for new solutions beyond payments to increase touch points with your customers. It is a new channel to reach your customers on the go.


A new branding opportunity
With a mobile wallet you get your logo conveniently on the front page of your customers’ smartphone. Seeing your logo every day may makes your brand stay top-of-mind and will increase customer loyalty.


Improved payment security with wallet/app payment
Get improved security through digital card provisioning, tokenising the PAN when provisioning to the digital wallet. Furthermore, features such as secure storage of payment information, dual authentication, biometrics authentication are providing high security compared to traditional payment methods.

More than just a phone

A study on Nordic digital and mobile consumer behaviour. Read the full report here  
Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey. The Nordic Cut 2017