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Digital Solutions


Nets Digital Solutions

We provide digital payment solutions, an open SDK, token based security, connection to 3rd party wallets and payment technology solutions across mobile operating platforms and payment terminals, supporting NFC, QR and Bluetooth acceptance technologies.

Our wide product por​tfolio and open platform enable rapid go-to-market with digital payment solutions that meet your customers' specific needs.

Our solutions are based on accessing existing card acceptance technologies where available along with the most advanced security protocols, and interoperability across all types of mobile handsets.​

With our solutions you get
the ability to

  • Virtualise cards and perform secure payments, with a wallet/app enabled by Nets with your branding
  • Virtualise cards and perform secure payments, with your own developed wallet/app
  • Make your cards available and perform secure payments in 3rd party wallet/app
  • Make your cards available and perform secure payments in XPay wallets

test Token Service

Protecting your customers' sensitive data with secure digital payments

The ever-increasing threat of risk and fraud makes security and authentication a top priority for Nets. Nets' Token Service is a tokenisation system using today's best practices and technologies for sensitive data protection, secure storage, authentication and authorization. The service is independent of specific schemes and integrates with existing payment acceptance networks, allowing you to easily create and rapidly deploy a digital payment solution with uncompromising security for all types of cards.



  • A scheme independent solution allowing tokenisation of cards from all major schemes.
  • No sensitive data is exposed or stored in the mobile handset during payment to reduce the risk of fraud.
  • All exchange of digital data is protected whether it is marked as sensitive or not - providing uncompromising security.
  • Integrates with existing payment acceptance networks for widespread and instant adoption​.

test Virtual Card Management Service

Built to support wallet payments from any device

Nets' Virtual Card Management Service is designed for easy integration with Nets' existing stable and secure payment card platform, ensuring compatibility and easy integration with your current processes for card management. All payment technologies, schemes, wallet types and functionalities are included in a single API through the entire life cycle – from card provisioning to card expiry. This makes it fast and easy to implement, integrate and deploy a strong solution. Nets' virtual card management service also includes a range of smart self-service features for virtual card management, which you can make available to your customers for a personal customer experience.



Download product sheets: 
Virtual Card Management – for website



  • One API (Application Programming Interface) gives access to all payment technologies, card schemes and wallet types so you can provide a convenient solution for your customers.
  • Smart customisable self-service features to give your customers a personal user experience.
  • Enables a highly secure and constantly available mobile payment solution ensuring a reliable solution for your customers.
  • Includes all necessary features for virtual card life cycle management, required by card schemes and industry standards for easy implementations.
  • Integrates with your existing card life cycle management process for fast and smooth deployment.

testSoftware ​Development Kit (SDK) Service

The open platform supports it all

The powerful combination of the SDK, our open platform and the established Nets payment platform allow you to implement all your required functionalities via one single well-established provider. That is why deployment and your go-to-market with a digital payment solution through Nets is reliable, fast, easy and secure with minimal complexity.



  • Nets' SDK allows you to tailor a wallet solution that targets your customers and enhances their satisfaction.
  • A compliant-ready card service that simplifies deployment and integration of a secure solution.
  • Designed to support the latest technologies and future digital payment solutions to guard your investment.
  • Nets' SDK lets you adopt a convenient approach to compliance and avoid lagging behind the evolving regulatory landscape.
  • Behind every successful front-end (UI/UX) is a strong back-end ensuring a reliable and secure payment solution.

test White Label Wallet

Any card, on any device, anywhere

Win the consumers' hearts with new payment simplicity. Give your customers a  digital payment solution for their smartphone that is convenient, easy to use, and more secure than traditional payment methods. Nets' mobile payment ecosystem makes the solution easy to deploy.




  • Combine payment cards, loyalty cards and membership cards into one common user experience.
  • Get a fast-track to the digital-first society with relevant compliance and security in place.
  • Build and brand your own wallet to strengthen ties to your customers.
  • Add a Nets digital payment solution to your existing Nets engagement for easy deployment.
  • Strengthen your customers’ confidence and loyalty with maximum security for their digital payments.
  • Boost your customers' end-user control and satisfaction with a simple and convenient solution.

test XPay Card Service 

Connect any card to your customers’ choice of XPay wallet

Nets’ XPay Card Service is a simple, flexible and secure way to enhance your customers’ satisfaction by enabling you to offer virtual cards to their preferred Xpay wallet. It is based on a single point connection and is compliant-ready with requirements from XPay wallet providers and card schemes. It is flexible, as it offers free choice of the card and the XPay wallets for iOS and Android phones so you can meet any consumer need. Security is high because it uses proven transaction processing and includes additional end-to-end security features with consumer-controlled life cycle management


Download product sheets:
XPay Card Service


  • Increase consumer satisfaction with free choice of XPay wallets and global use of digital payments, where the acceptance technology and card schemes allows it.
  • Expand services to your customers with the ability to provision cards to their choice of XPay wallet.
  • You get easy access to XPays across card schemes through ONE integration.
  • Includes all necessary features for virtual card life cycle management, required by card schemes and industry standards for easy implementation.