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Nordea has automated internal processes in close co-operations with Nets speeding up the digitalization of the customer engagement and enabling a market leading self-service.

Nordea offers financial services to personal and corporate customers in all segments and is a leading bank in the Nordics focusing on remaining one of the safest banks in Europe.

One of the key objectives for Nordea for the last 5 years has been to convert paper-based processes to digital alternatives leading to benefits such as increased customers satisfaction, faster time-to-market for services, increased efficiency in internal processes, lower cost of operating, reduced environmental impact, etc.

Nets was chosen as a strategic partner and has worked in close co-operations with Nordea in multiple areas connected to financial services ranging from payments and invoicing to authentication and digital signing.

From paper to digital with faster time-to-market

Nordea has approached digitalization in an agile way of working. The first step was to convert from paper to digital with the result of reducing environmental impact, improve customer experience by faster time-to-market. This also resulted in more modern digital interfaces as well as reduced operating cost by getting rid of paper. A keystone was also to accept "digital but manual" to some extent.

Automated real-time validation of company signature rights and rules.

The second step was to streamline the digital processes through internal integration and automation thus reducing manual work and even further reducing the time-to-market for the customers.

By introducing the Nets ID Rights service Nordea has been able to serve the mass market corporate customers with an automated real-time validation of company signature rights and rules. This has allowed Nordea to automate and speed up internal processes, knowing when to trust that documents have been signed according to the official signing rules of the customer company.

What's next?

Nordea plans to continue to improve and diverse their digital signing platform by expanding digital signing to larger, multinational companies with more complex use cases to support going forward. And the cooperation with Nets continues.