Customer support


Customer support of Nets Estonia provides helpdesk services to the financial institutions and their customers according to the service level agreement.

24/7 services available to card issuers are:

  • voice authorisation service by phone;
  • "code 10" transaction processing;
  • card blocking and unblocking.

Contacts:  +3726711444,,


24/7 services available to card acquirers are:

  • technical and information support of POS terminals nd ECR systems;
  • card transaction reversals.

1st line techncal support for POS terminals in Lithuania are provided by our partners UAB Hansab , Verifone Baltics SIA and UAB Nixor LT and relevant ECR system providers.



​Nets Estonia authorisation and transaction requests (in Russian and English)+372 67 11 444,

​UAB Hansab technical support

​​+370 52 05 8822,
Verifone Baltics ltd. technical support+370 70 05 5455,
​​UAB Nixor LT technical support

+370 52 03 1505