You can pay online using just 3 digits instead of 23


​More than 25,000 webshops can soon save and store payment card data collectively to make online shopping simpler and easier than ever.

​DIBS and Nets will soon jointly introduce a technology that provides consumers with the option of saving their payment card data across thousands of webshops throughout the Nordics.

The remember me functionality is an offering that will dramatically improve the shopping experience of millions of consumers in the Nordics: The remember me functionality saves consumers’ payment card data securely across more than 25,000 webshops throughout the Nordics. This means, that once you have chosen to save your payment card data, you will never again have to re-enter the 23 numbers - except for the three CVC/CVV security digits, that will never be stored - in the 25,000 webshops affiliated with DIBS, Nets or Paytrail, that will eventually also be part of the service. Thus saving cardholder data across all web-shops, the Nets Group of will provide a unified shopping experience for online consumers everywhere«, says Asger Hattel, Group Executive Vice President at Nets, explaining that card numbers and expiration dates will be saved in the most secure way possible within the Nets Group.

A »game changer« for the Nordic e-commerce

According to DIBS Payment Services, the joint venture with Nets will not just affect consumer experience, but subsequently consumer behaviour, massively benefitting web-shops subscribing to a solution from the Nets group:
»Results of our Nordic E-commerce report showed, that 44% of consumers, shopping on mobile devices, prefer to avoid entering their card data. Even more interesting, 21% of respondents agreed that they would shop more online if the technology was implemented. We decided to listen to the consumers, thus it is our prediction that webshops as well will benefit immensely from choosing a payment solution from DIBS or another payment service provider in the Nets Group. This truly exemplifies our mutual working guideline in why we are 'stronger than ever - together' and this is just the start«, says Daniel Larsson, ‎SVP DIBS Commercial, noting that expectations are that the joint venture will become a »game changer« for the Nordic e-commerce.

A blue stamp of safety

According to Nets, the remember me functionality will eventually be seamlessly implemented on all DIBS, Paytrail or Nets platforms, why the only thing consumers should look for is the distinctive logos of the Nets Group of payment service providers:
»The Nets brand is a blue stamp of safety, why consumers should look for the 'DIBS by Nets', 'Paytrail by Nets' or Nets logos when shopping online to ensure that the web-shops adhere to the highest possible encryption and security standards. Once you have checked-off the the remember me functionality option, you can be sure that your data is stored safely and that the three security digits on the back of your payment card is everything required onwards for a safe and simple shopping experience«, says Asger Hattel.
Earlier this year Nets, full-service provider of payments, announced that they had finalized the acquisition of DIBS Payment Services, a leading online payment provider. Nets bought the majority of DIBS some time ago – earlier this year the last minority stake was bought