Recruitment process


Recruitment process.

An application process with Nets includes a professional meeting which should take place under mutually satisfactory conditions. We therefore make every effort to give you the best possible service. Once we receive your application, we will send you confirmation of this. We review all applications and select a number of candidates who will be called to interview.


You will be called to interview either in writing by email or by telephone. The interview will cover your professional qualifications, the challenges of the job and Nets as a workplace. We place great importance on providing as detailed a description of the position as possible, pinpointing your areas of expertise and matching your expectations to the job. Your future manager and an HR consultant will normally take part in the interview. In most cases the recruitment process will involve several interviews.

Use of tests

We use a personality test and ability test from CEB as a supplement to our interviews. The test is taken before the interview and covers personal skills and various abilities.

The aim of the test is to create a basis for a dialogue about your personal resources, strengths and weaknesses.

  • The psychometric test measures various skills within the area of verbal, numerical, abstract logic comprehension and English language.
  • Personality test illustrates the personal tendencies you have at work.  You will be tested in the area or areas which are relevant to the position in question (we use Universal Competencies described by CEB and choose couple of relevant competencies to zoom in).


You will always receive personal feedback on your tests from an HR consultant. The tests will never be the only factor taken into account, with the selection being made on the basis of the overall assessment of the personal interview, your professional qualifications and the needs of the department.

Furthermore, we conduct background checks on relevant candidates through our partner Semac, 



When you are employed, there will be a Cooperate introduction programme where you will join other new Nets colleagues both local and across Nordic and an individual programme, made by your manager.