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Recruitment process


​Recruitment process.

Even though we would like to, we know that we are not able to personally meet all applicants in a recruitment process but we still wish to make every effort to give you the best possible experience.

Once we receive your application, we will always send you a confirmation of this. If you don´t receive this confirmation, it´s either because it´s in your spam filter or something has gone wrong and we hope you will contact us to let us know.   

We review all applications and select a number of candidates who we will call in for interviews or in some cases send a pre-assessment test package to. We select the candidates that, we think, will be the best fit, both when it comes to experience, education, personal motivation and your profile vs. the personalities we already have in the existing team (aiming for diversity in the teams).  



If you are called to a 1st interview it will be either in writing (mail or SMS) or by telephone. The interview will cover the challenges of the job, Nets as a workplace, your professional qualifications and motivation for the job etc. etc. We think it´s important that you get as detailed a description of the position as possible, pinpointing your area of expertise, matching and listening to your expectations to the job. Your questions to us is equally important.

Your future manager will lead the interview and sometimes an HR Recruitment partner will also take part in this 1st interview.

After 1st interview, you will either receive a personal rejection from the manager, if we think that "we or you" are not the right fit for each other OR you will be invited for a 2nd interview where we will probably ask you to fill out a selection of assessment test before the interview.


Use of test

We use a selection of Aon personality and ability test, depending on the position, as a supplement to the interview/s.

The aim of the assessment is to create a basis for a dialogue about your personal resources, preferences, strengths, the little personal twist that makes you, you, own behavior or competences where you still want to improve (since none of us are supermen) etc. etc. So that we can get to know you (as much as it is possible in short time) and secure that "we" together are the right match. 

  • The psychometric test can measure various skills within the area of verbal, numerical, abstract logic comprehension and English language.
  • Personality assessment illustrates the personal preferences and is not a test as such, more a personal self-evaluation. You will always receive a personal feedback and have a dialogue with one of our Recruitment partners, as we are equally eager to hear your comments and reflections about the results.   


The tests in connection with the interview, will never stand alone as the only factor taken into account. The selection will be based on the overall assessment of your motivation, the interview, your personality, professional qualifications and the needs of the department. 


Furthermore, you can expect that we will ask for a few references from former employers and we will conduct background checks on relevant candidates through our partner Semac.



When you are employed, there will be an introduction programme where you will join other new Nets colleagues on the 2nd day at work for an intro meeting with the country Director and HR. After these first 2 days there will be an individual programme, made by your manager.     


Whether you are offered a position at Nets or not, we hope that you will find the meeting and contact with us as a pleasant experience. If not, we hope that you will tell us in the surveys that we send out during the process, so that we can learn and get better.


With best regards

Nets Recruitment Team

For Recruitment Agencies

Please be aware that we have a preferred supplier list for external recruiting support and are not currently looking for additional partners to support the recruiting efforts. Thank you for your understanding