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Nets Payments Outlook 2022

The future is not what it used to be

Payments Outlook 2022

Step into the world of tomorrow, and get our take on what's to come in payments.
Only one thing is for certain - the future is not what it used to be

We have looked at trends in four dimensions...





The Radar Framework

...and identified five key themes

I, the consumer

Pay as I please

Beyond the point of sale

Data, the enabler

Platform  for success

If you have ever wondered what the future of payments will look like, you have come to the right place. The Nets Payments Outlook 2022 sheds light on the everchanging and complex world of payments, and its inevitable link to retail.

Introducing the Radar Framework

The Radar framework dates back to 2019 when we started publishing the Nets Payments Outlook. It is inspired by the three dimensions of design thinking, and is a framework developed to classify and rank trends with a relation to the payments industry. By adding a fourth dimension and re-shaping the original three, all major influences on the payments industry are illuminated.

The four dimensions are:

  • Consumers
  • Technology
  • Market
  • Regulatory 

Through a rigorous research process of primary in-house sources, and external industry experts, trends in each dimension was identified and scored in relation to the perceived impact and the time to impact. Intuitively, the closer a trend is to the middle, the bigger impact it will have in the shortest timeframe. Last piece of the process was a search for patterns between the trends, which ultimately led to the creation of the 5 themes of the Nets Payments Outlook 2022.

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