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Innovation at Nets

We create an easier tomorrow through digital innovation.

Great customer
experience with
payments ​​

We strongly believe in partnerships to co-create products and solutions that will make tomorrow easier for our customers and their customers

It’s about enabling a frictionless payment experience through co-creation, innovation and a commercial mindset.

We like to think of it as going on a discovery journey with our merchant, bank and corporate customers – a journey where we map the customer demands they will be facing today and tomorrow, explore how emerging technologies can enable us to help them meet those very demands, and offer the right proposition to do just that.

In other words, we don’t take innovation lightly, and we work closely with our customers, partners, innovations hubs, such as Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley, USA, and Paris, and fintech start-ups to make tomorrow’s payment solutions even easier to use.

The best payment experience is the one you don’t experience

Removing friction from the payment experience is the essence of what we do. To keep it real, we carry out our development work in close dialogue with the customers. Our emphasis is on understanding not only our customers’ segments but also their verticals.

Customer-driven innovation helps us avoid the pitfall of ‘technology looking for a problem’. We employ methods such as scouting and incubation models to develop a solid value proposition to test with our customers, possibly in the shape of a Proof of Concept (PoC). This is where our work with emerging technologies such as AI, biometrics and blockchain enter the picture. We work to constantly enhance our digital proposition by adding value at the edge of our current propositions.

Underneath it all, UX is the steady beat in every PoC and solution we develop. Because it all begins with our customers, helping them make tomorrow a little easier for their customers.


Pay with the touch of a finger


"Paying with the touch of your finger may sound like a thing from the future. But at our pilot in Copenhagen, which we launched a year ago, more than 1,000 users have scanned their finger vein to pay for a meal or a snack. The pilot was recently extended to six locations due to its great uptake.

We launched the pilot to test the technology and user experience – but more importantly, we wanted to learn if consumers would be comfortable with registering their biometric data,"

says Jesper Kildegaard, Head of Creation Lab, Innovation Hub, about Nets’ finger vein scan pilot project at the Copenhagen Business School.

Have you ever wondered what the future of payments will look like?


Nets Payments Outlook 2020


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