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Nets Payments Outlook 2020

Have you ever wondered what the future of payments will look like?

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The future isn’t

what it used to be

In the Payments Outlook 2020 by Nets Innovation Hub, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of key future trends that will shape the way we live and pay. As a preferred payment partner to merchants and banks across Europe, we’re on a mission to help shape the future together with our customers and help them make tomorrow a little easier for their customers.



In Payments Outlook 2020, our innovation specialists have identified key trends spanning Consumers, Technology, Market and Regulatory Environment.

Based on an extensive review of leading industry researches, interviews with internal experts as well as top industry experts, the Payments Outlook 2020 ranks the identified trends by importance and systematically maps them into the Outlook Radar.

The interlinked trends are put into context and divided into eight themes, which we believe are likely to lead to new opportunities for merchants to create value. 

​Eight themes that will impact payments

Below, you’ll find the eight key themes that made it into our Payments Outlook 2020


Seamless Access to Funds

The way consumers access, transfer and relate with money has changed dramatically in the last few years. These changes are enabling new value creating opportunities for merchants, but also bringing new levels of complexity.

Fluid Commerce

The online and in-store shopping experience is increasingly merging. Consumers expect personalisation and control across all channels, delivering integrated and uninterrupted paths to purchase.

Customized Privacy

Data is a gold mine for companies, but also a potential minefield. Customization is no longer an option, it is expected and required, and data collection and profiling will be no exemptions.

Quantified Self

Tracking everything that matters to the individual is the new normal. Merchants that want to remain relevant will need to adapt, in order to keep the consumer engaged at all times.

Simultaneous Bundling and Unbundling

Bundling and unbundling have long been the underlying forces reshaping industries. The ongoing digital transformation will further accelerate this. Merchants need to understand how they can remain a relevant piece in an ever-changing broader value chain.

Decentralized Trust

Consumers are becoming more critical towards corporations and central power, and looking at tools promoting transparency and decentralized control. Disruptive technologies are increasingly enabling trust-by-technology, introducing new challenges, but also opportunities.

Responsible Consumerism

Climate change awareness is at an all-time high and businesses can no longer ignore their responsibility to create a more sustainable product life cycle. A green approach must become a cornerstone of the business strategy, and will pay back.

Glocal Commerce

Consumers demand a local purchase experience while at the same time searching for products globally online. Local can be in another region of the world or just around the corner, as long as the product delivers authenticity and the idea of supporting local producers.

Seems interesting? Read more about the eight themes and our predictions in the report here.

COVID-19: are the findings still relevant?


​No one knows the full implications of the COVID-19 situation. The Payments Outlook was finalised days before the pandemic caused a dramatic change to our society. But the eight themes will be as relevant in a post-COVID-19 scenario as they are today.

It is likely that we will see changed consumer behaviour in response to the situation as well as an impact on merchants. Already, we see consumers moving to virtual rather than physical channels, affecting the way they work, socialise and shop.

If anything, the digital transformation outlined in the Payments Outlook 2020 is likely to happen sooner and with a greater magnitude than initially expected. Working smarter becomes more important than ever before. To us, it makes sense to invest in innovation, and we find it key to staying relevant and enabling our merchant customers to do the same.




Want to know more and read about the predictions for each theme?

Then click below and download the full version of the Nets Payments Outlook 2020.

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