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Lending Platform

​Nets Lending Platform helps Europe’s fastest growing financial services providers succeed by removing friction and complexity from traditional lending journeys and products.

Nets Digital Lending Platform is an end-to-end solution for all kinds of financial institutions – from banks and retailers to e-money institutions and startups – looking to provide consumers with intuitive and easy access to diverse financing options

Flexible Lending Platform that allows the customer to make adjustments throughout the lifecycle with features like e.g., payment holidays, postpone payments, pay early (full/partial)

API-rich Lending platform that can be integrated with all channels, to provide unique customer experience

Modular lending platform enabling variety of use cases through core, adjacent and value-added services like:

Buy-Now-Pay Later

This solution allows clients to select a financing plan at the point of sale in-store or online. Supported checkout options include

  •  Virtual card (requires zero integration with merchant)
  • E-Com platform integration*
  • API-based integration* 

*via lender

Open Invoice

With this solution the payment of a transaction is deferred by 30 days typically, while this period can be adjusted to market needs. Often, Open Invoice is combined with Buy-Now-Pay-Later solution, where the customer can choose to convert the invoiced amount after the grace period into a Buy-now-Pay-Later product.

Installment Plans based on Transaction Conversion

With this solution, a client can select credit card transaction and convert it into an installment plan. The ability to bundle different transaction together as one instalment, for example, to “finance” a weekend in Paris, also exists.

The solution even allows to convert transactions made via third-party payment tools. For example, when a person pays for a high-ticket item with a credit card or digital wallet issued by another company, the solution also allows consumers to convert this purchase into payment by instalments.

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured Loan is a loan type where instalment functionality is utilized and where the Client pays down the loan in fixed monthly instalment portions following a payment plan. The payback options are typically (but not limited to) equal monthly instalments, also called annuity loans. Multiple pay-out options (e.g., money transfer) are supported.

Credit Frame Loans

Client with a Credit Frame Loan will be granted a loan amount of the size of the credit limit of the account. When the actual loan balance is lower than the credit frame limit, the difference is disposable by the Client, and can be transferred using funds transfer.