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Nets Climate Action Service

With the launch of the Nets Climate Action Service, issuers can now engage with their card holders in the fight against climate change.

Research confirms that people want to change their behaviors, however many feel that companies are not doing their part to make it happen.

34 percent of people claim a lack of support from business as a key barrier to their fight against climate change1 but now issuers can help them make it happen!
1 GlobeScan Sustainable Living Global Consumer Insights study, October 2021

Made for mobile banking apps, customers can see their shopping translated directly into positive environmental impact. The Nets Climate Action Service automatically transforms the C02 emissions generated by purchases into micro-contributions and lets card holders choose their favourite climate action project to offset their carbon footprint. Card issuers can use this innovative product to boost their sustainability commitments, engage with employees, and satisfy stakeholders while collaborating with their customers to change the world together

Nets Climate Action Service will make a huge difference to card holders who seek environmentally responsible consumption and look to their bank to help them reach their goal in a setting of security and trust.

The Nets Climate Action Service provides the best solution to financial institutions wanting to help their customers fight climate change. This is done through a unique combination of features acting together to form one efficient and easily consumable service tailored for the specific customer base of each individual financial institution.