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Instant Payments

Payment systems around the world are changing fundamentally to meet the requirements of digitisation. Customers expect ease, convenience, and security as well as rapid, instantaneous and on-demand processing of all their transactions – including payments.


​The​​ benefits of Instant Payments

The ability to move funds instantly between accounts is a key enabler for future digitised financial services. Instant payments are already considered to be the new normal in many industries around the world. The expanding adoption of instant payments has created vast opportunities for digital service and value-added service providers that are connected to instant payments.


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Stay Competitive

The instant payments clearing infrastructure enables instant transactions as provides an opportunity for banks to develop new competitive products and services. ​

Therefore, banking communities should implement their instant payments infrastructure quickly and cost-efficiently. ​

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Stay Relevant

Having a solid infrastructure creates opportunities for a wide variety of uses for all types of credit transfers and they can expand to other message types such as PSD2-related transactions, direct debits and to other messages related to the purchasing value chain. These features have the potential to create a solid return on investment. ​



Nets’ European activities

We connect banks, merchants, corporates, public authorities and consumers, delivering payment services and related technology solutions across the continent.

Live instant payment solution

Developing instant payment solution

Other clearing activities

Other operations by Nets

Currently not a part of Nets' activities



The instant payment journey



The new intraday clearing solution is launched.


The Danish RealTime24/7 instant payment solution is launched – operated from Norway.


RealTime24/7 took off as an infrastructure basis for the mobile platforms known as P2P payments


Development of the new instant payment solution for Italy is started.


Launched instant payment solution to Nexi in Italy.

New instant payment project with Bankart in Slovenia.


New instant payment project with GIRO in Hungary.




Nets’ RealTime24/7 solution is a built-for-purpose state-of-the art instant payment system.

We are a world-leading provider of instant payments and innovative solutions to benefit you and your customers

– you can choose between managed service or software if you want to operate RealTime24/7 yourselves.




Proven solution & track record

Nets has operated mission-critical clearing systems for more than five decades and RealTime24/7 has been successful and resilient in operation for more than two years.

Compliant and Interoperable

We ensure compliance with industry standards and regulation such the IOSCO principles, TARGET2, ​EPC SCT Inst, ISO 20022 and the EACHA interoperability framework.


Fast time to market

The modularity and flexibility of our RealTime24/7 solution ensures fast deployment of new services. ​

Wide range of value added services

We offer a wide range of proven services such as tokenisation, P2P applications, wallets etc. to increase the value of your customer offering.












At Nets, we deliver great payments, a great network

and great ideas, carried out by great people.