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Fraud Prevention and Dispute Services

At Nets, Risk Management is at the forefront of our minds when it comes to protecting our customers and their cardholders. A forever fast changing environment, both technically and economically means only the dedicated, agile and innovative can stand a chance against the sophistication and complexities thrown at us each day. Be that regulation changes, new reporting requirements, and fraudulent trends – Nets' Risk Management Services are dedicated to being the market leader in Fraud and Dispute management.

​Fraud Monitoring

Nets' Fraud Monitoring service is the core capability in preventing card fraud, using a mix of sophisticated machine learning built models and rules (designed and implemented by specialists with over 20 years’ experience in fraud prevention) to detect and act on high-risk transactions in real-time.

Fast, Adaptable, Explainable

With a dedicated team of data scientists, analysts and subject matter experts – we remain agile and accurate. Using the latest technology available in fraud prevention we are able to continuously learn, adapt and deliver change to our analytics and strategies, at a pace no other large organisation can. Providing an industry leading detection and prevention service to our customers.

​Alert Handling

Speed is everything, especially when it comes to confirming whether a transaction is genuine or fraudulent. Allowing Nets to handle your alerts generated by our fraud monitoring solutions provides a piece of mind that an assessment and contact is made within a time frame acceptable to you and your cardholders.

Nets' Alert Handling service provides you with a 24/7/365 team of skilled experts, working to identify and block fraudulently used cards, using years of insight and gained experience within the fraud domain. We're a multi-lingual team, enabling us to operate across many countries, and can configure our service to meet your needs – from a fully managed service with direct communication to your cardholders, to a partially managed service where communication is handled by you, our customer.

Want to automate cardholder contact? Our Two-Way communication services allows you to immediately contact a customer via SMS, enabling greater speed of contact and confirmation from your cardholders.

Nets Fraud Portal: Communication and control are key to ensuring performance. Nets Fraud Portal is a 2-way communication application that enables information to be shared between Nets and its customers, securely. Including details of alerts, alert notifications (for customer who choose to handle cardholder contact directly), trend insights and announcements, and portfolio reporting.

​Smart Block

Nets Smart Block service is dedicated to helping manage card compromise, a common issue, on the rise due to the explosion of digital services and increased eCommerce spend. With the vast amount of data available to Nets - we are able to detect potential signs of card compromise earlier than the networks and other processing services. In conjunction with Nets’ advanced analytics the service removes the need for immediate card re-issue and instead puts the card on heightened risk, allowing the cardholder to continue to transact whilst we work with you to determine the best customer experience and re-issue strategy.

Scams. Consumer Protection:

Sometimes it’s not the transaction that is fraudulent, but instead the service/goods your cardholder thinks they’re purchasing. Scams have become prominent issue within the card channel and the Consumer Protection service aims at preventing unwanted authorisations from merchants suspected of subscription traps and/or distribution of counterfeit or fake merchandise.

Nets analyses fraud and dispute data available to determine and categorise a list of suspected collusive merchants. Such lists are used as a basis for rules determined and applied by Nets to decline authorisations from such merchants. Providing the highest quality protection against scams for your cardholders.

​Dispute Management Services

Nets' end-to-end Dispute Management Services provides issuers with multiple applications and functions to automate and simplify this often complex and time-consuming aspect of cardholder management.

Operating a multi-lingual 24/7 operational team - we can provide both 1st and 2nd line dispute management, from direct cardholder contact and initiation, to scheme integration, final decision, adjustment and reconciliation reporting.

A full suite of front-end applications and APIs enables us to connect our services to any issuer, regardless of their size and sophistication. This includes multiple user interfaces for cardholder dispute initiation and management.

Remove Complexity.

Our automated decision engine helps determine the best route and likely outcome of any dispute. Removing the need for early manual review, enabling our specialists to focus on the more unclear and complex cases. This process includes the ability to determine if the dispute is eligible for pre-chargeback treatment, a process that initiates direct contact with the merchant in question to try and resolve without scheme intervention and chargeback submission. Lowering overall costs for both the merchant and issuer.

Our services are modular and can be tailored to your needs, whether you are simply looking for 2nd line management and reporting, to a fully managed service. We will work with you to design and deliver the world class solution you need.