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Industry Perspectives: Shaking up banking innovation in Central & Eastern Europe​

Insights from Intesa Sanpaolo​


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In this webinar, we sit down with Maurice Lisi, who leads the digital transformation in all Intesa Sanpaolo's subsidiary banking ecosystem, defining and implementing the strategic path of the transition from a "traditional" bank environment to an up-to-date, modern environment that copes with technological and innovational changes, taking advantage of these changes to create a competitive advantage.

Here's your chance to get insights into the digital strategy of Intesa Sanpaolo in Eastern Europe, and the bank's impressive transformation from branch to a heavy focus on digitising their banking solutions. Understand how to drive innovation in a way that both meets the overall strategy of the bank, while investing in the latest technology to provide customers with the best and most modern services, based on Maurice's learnings, and understand how Intesa Sanpaolo manages to apply their solutions to different markets with great regulatory, cultural and economic differences.

Further topics will include the impact of COVID-19 on the usage of mobile services, BigTechs, and what's next in banking.

The webinar is free to watch at your own demand.
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Maurice Lisi 
Head of Digital Channels
Intesa Sanpaolo

Maurice has spent the last 15 years taking care of the transformation of customer-facing channels in Intesa Sanpaolo, firstly for the Italian market and then in the International Subsidiary Banks Division. He leads the digital transformation process in all the subsidiary banks ecosystem of Intesa Sanpaolo, defining and implementing the strategic path of the transition from a "traditional" bank environment to an up-to-date, modern environment able not only to cope with technological and innovation changes, but also to exploit those changes for creating a competitive advantage. A passionate transformation and innovation addict, Maurice is present at industry conferences, sharing his point of view and experience on the digital transformation journeys, evolving banking industry, digital strategy and customer experience.

Sirpa​ Norlund 
Head of Industry Engagement

Sirpa is an experienced leader in the financial and hi-tech industry. She has held several management positions in sales, business development and finance. For 15 years, Sirpa has been an internationally recognized commentator in digital transformation, both in fields of payments and leadership. As SVP in Nets Issuing and eSecurity services, Sirpa Nordlund helps to deliver new exponential payment services to banks and financial institutions. ​​​


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