Customer support


​Customer support of Nets Estonia provides helpdesk services to the financial institutions and their customers according to the service level agreement.

​24​​/7 services​​​​ available to card issuers are:

  • voice authorization service by phone;
  • "code 10" transaction processing;
  • card blocking and unblocking.

Contacts:  +3726711444,,


24/7 services available to card acquirers are:

  • technical and information support of POS terminals and ECR systems;
  • card transaction reversals.

1st line technical support for POS terminals in Latvia are provided by our partners Hansab SIA, Verifone Baltics SIA and Nixor LV SIA and relevant ECR system providers.



​Nets Estonia authorisation and transaction requests (in Russian and English)+372 6711444,

​Hansab SIA technical support

​​+371 67 652 268, 
Verifone Baltics SIA technical support+371 67 25 1111,
​​Nixor LV SIA technical support

+371 67600475