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 ‭(Hidden)‬ Agreements


There are various agreements, according to whether an integration solution or a terminal is involved. See form below.

Summary of agreement types: 


Terminal vendor


Terminal integrator




Internet solution 


Communication Service Provider

Agreement(s) must be completed with: Name, address, postcode, town/city & CVR no. (in the open PDF file). A physical copy must be printed and signed, and sent to:

Nets A/S
Lautrupbjerg 10
DK-2750 Ballerup, Denmark
Attn.: IT-Verification

After receipt and registration with Nets, a signed copy is returned by Nets, together with an email with relevant information, so that any test and operating equipment can then be ordered.


 ‭(Hidden)‬ Documents



Documents from Nets

Requirement specification for all chip terminals and integrated solutions connected to Nets, please contact


Requirement specification for PSAM based chip terminals and integration solutions:


TRG OTRS Version 3.4.0


TRG OTRS, Old version 


After 1/3 - 2015, it will only be possible to get a terminal based on OTRS version 3.4.0 approved by Nets. 



Guide for integration solutions: 


Best Practice



Other specifications and documents relevant for terminals using PSAM.


TAPA Overview (PDF)


TAPA Application Architecture (PDF)


TAPA Application Architecture Errata (PDF)


Please go to EMVCo and PCI' homepage to find specifications and documents from them.


To develop a solution for the Internet or a payment module, you must use the SSL Merchant Guide. If you want the specification please contact:



Test specification


Requirements from Nets and card companies

Testspecification for all chip terminals connected to Nets, please contact:

To get the newest version of the document.



Test specification for PSAM-based chip terminals based on TRG OTRS:
OTTS, old version

OTTS, version 3.3




 ‭(Hidden)‬ Test environment

If you want to conduct tests in Nets' test environments, you must first order access.


View information about test environments


Complete the order page and send it by email to:

Access to the Nets test environment will then be created as soon as possible. You will receive notification by email when access is in place.

If you have questions about the test environment, or if the test environment is unavailable at the agreed time for testing, you can send an email to:


 ‭(Hidden)‬ Certification process


To book a time for certification of a terminal or an integration solution, you must complete a detailed specification for the solution. The detailed specification will be used to assess the test requirement for your solution. Please find the document below:





To get a waiver from one or more requirements, you must use the template below. The same template must be used for all kinds of solutions. Send the waiverapplication to:




Please be aware that there is a fee for the waiver. The fee is invoiced independent of the result of the waiver.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Prices

The prices for testing and verification are recommendations. A price estimate/offer will be drawn up for each individual certification process if requested.



Pricelist certification


Pricelist for eCommerce solutions


Pricelist for operation terminals



All prices exclude VAT. The prices are regulated annually as of 1. January, using the Danish Central Bureau of Statistics net price index, with January 2018 as index 100. Other price changes will be notified in writing at three months' notice.