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Secure online solution

An additional security measure in connection with payment over the Internet

Dankort, Visa and MasterCard have a security solution for registered web stores, which involves an extra security measure during online payments.


The common term for these security solutions is 3-D Secure. For Visa, the solution is called "Verified by Visa", and for MasterCard the solution is called "MasterCard SecureCode". For Dankort, the solution is called "Dankort Secured by Nets".

You can be asked to verify your payment when shopping online. Most Danish issued payment cards* can be used in the 3-D Secure solution.

*NB: If you have a Mastercard from Danske Bank, please go to:

You can verify your purchase in two ways:

  1. NemID. When shopping online you will be asked to enter your NemID credentials and verify in the NemID app or with NemID token.

    Please note it is no longer possible to use the physical NemID key card.

  2. One-time code via text message plus personal password You will receive a one-time code on your mobile via SMS, that you need to enter along with a personal password. Create the password on this page. If your mobile number is registered on your payment card, you will receive an SMS when shopping online. In the SMS you can see the purchase amount, the merchant, and the one-time code for the purchase you are about to verify. You need to enter the one-time code and password to accept your purchase. Please make sure that the information in the SMS correlates to the purchase details, if this is not the case, you should never enter or share your code and password.


Protect your text message one-time password and your NemID
Do not share the one-time code you receive via text message in connection with online purchases to anyone. Treat the one-time code and password like your personal PIN code. Similarly, protect your NemID so no one can gain access to your NemID code card or your digital NemID token.


Phishing e-mails
There are criminals who use 'phishing' e-mails to commit fraud by tricking cardholders into disclosing card information and NemID code cards.

It is important for us to underline that Nets never sends out e-mails asking you to disclose your card data (PIN code, card security code or one-time password). All communication concerning your payment cards will come directly from your bank. 

Enroll your card now

Here you can enroll, change or delete your mobile number and password.

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