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Security solutions for payment cards


 ‭(Hidden)‬ Secure online shopping

Currently, Visa and MasterCard have a security solution for registered webshops to use as an extra security measure in connection with online payments.


When you, as the cardholder, make a purchase online, on many merchants' websites you will be directed through a security solution as part of the payment process to ensure that the payment is completed securely for cardholder and merchant alike. The common designation for these security solutions is 3D Secure. For Visa, the solution is called "Verified by Visa", and for MasterCard the solution is called "MasterCard SecureCode". For the Dankort, the solution is called "Dankort Secured by Nets". For you as a user of these solutions, the only difference will be the various logos displayed. Any payment card issued in Denmark can be used with the security solution. As a cardholder, you must ensure a mobile phone number is associated with the card. You can use your online banking solution to link a mobile number with a card, or you can do so when shopping online or via the link on this page. You have to use NemID to link your mobile number to your card(s). Your bank may have linked your mobile number to your card(s) already.


If there is no mobile phone number for your card, you will be asked to link your mobile phone number to your card the first time you attempt a purchase on a webshop connected to the solution.  You must use NemID for this. You will then receive a one-time password via a text message. Enter this code. Once the code is accepted, your mobile phone number will be linked to your card and you will be ready to receive the text-message code if it is required for the purchase. You must use NemID again if you subsequently want to change or delete the mobile phone number you have linked to your payment card(s).


Please note that you only receive a one-time password when you initiate a transaction. You do not have to use a one-time password to cancel a transaction.


If you do not have a Danish NemID, you can ask your bank to register you for the solution. If so, you will also have to ask your bank to help you change or delete your mobile number.

Faroese NemID does not work in the solution, so the bank will have to register or change a mobile phone number for you.



Dankort Secured by Nets

Dankort cardholders and merchants can read more about the security solution here.


Protect your text-message one-time password and your NemID

Do not disclose the one-time password you receive by text message in connection with online purchases to anyone else. Treat the text-message one-time password as your personal PIN code for the online transaction you are making. Similarly, protect your NemID so no one can access to your NemID code card or your digital NemID code token.



Phishing e-mails

There are criminals who use what are known as 'phishing' e-mails to try to trick cardholders into disclosing card information and NemID code cards in order to commit fraud.


Nets will never send you e-mails asking you to disclose your card data (PIN code, card security code or one-time password). All communication concerning your payment cards will come directly from your bank.


What if you do not receive a text message?

There may be situations when you cannot receive a text message. For example, you may be in an area with a poor signal, or the local mobile phone operators may have blocked certain types of text messages.

As of 2017, it is now possible to use NemID if you cannot receive a text message. This is done in the pop-up window where you have to enter your text-message code. Here, you have the option to verify using NemID instead. Click on "NemID" and you will be connected to NemID. Next, complete the normal NemID dialog; once this has been completed, your transaction will continue as usual. This solution will be applicable to international payment cards (MasterCard and Visa) as well as Visa/Dankort and the Dankort.


If, after several attempts, you do not receive a text message and you do not have your NemID with you, you still have the option to contact Nets Customer Service (+45 44 89 27 50) 24 hours a day. After some security questions, Customer Service will be able to help you complete the necessary purchases online for a short time. Afterwards, you will revert to the normal method of needing to use a text-message one-time password.


 ‭(Hidden)‬ All set to go shopping!

Link your mobile phone number to your payment card – and you'll be ready to shop!


Select "Register your mobile phone number for your card" on this page and you'll be all set to shop online in webshops that use Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode or Dankort Secured by Nets. You must use your NemID to link your mobile number to your card(s). Once registered, you will receive a text message with a one-time password the next time you are about to pay for products in webshops that have joined the scheme. In general, all payment cards in Denmark are registered for the scheme. All you have to do is link your mobile number to the card or cards you use for making online payments. You can use the same mobile number for more than one card.


At the same time, you know you will receive a text message with a code on the phone number you have registered for the scheme each time one of your registered international payment cards is used for online purchases in webshops that use the security solution.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Transaction process

Link your card to the solution

You must personally link your mobile number to the security solution in order to be able to shop in webshops that use Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code or Dankort Secured by Nets. This will link it to the payment card(s) that you wish to use for online transactions. You can use a PC, tablet or smartphone. Please note that your bank may already have registered you.


If you have not already linked your mobile phone number to your card, you will be asked to link it in connection with the actual online transaction. You will need to use your NemID to link your mobile phone number to your card. When you then receive a password via text message on your mobile phone, you must enter the code in the pop-up window displayed in connection with your purchase. Once the code has been approved, the transaction is completed.


There are three ways to link your mobile number to your card:

  • Via your bank's website.
  • Via this website (see box on the right-hand side of this page).
  • In connection with a transaction in a webshop that uses the security solution.


To register, you will need a mobile phone, NemID and a payment card issued by a Danish bank. Your bank must register the card for the security solution. You cannot register a card for the security solution yourself.


Once linked, you will be able to shop online as usual.

Enroll your card now - or next time you shop

To shop in online stores that use Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode you must have a mobile phone number attached to your payment card. You can sign it here or the next time you shop at an online store that are supports the security solution.
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